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Home Resources Success Stories Bhawna Anand, working in The Foundation for Handicapped Development, New Delhi

Bhawna Anand, working in The Foundation for Handicapped Development, New Delhi

I look at life positively now. I feel motivated to do something for myself and my family.", says Bhawna Anand
Date: 15/08/2017
Bhawna Anand lives in East Patel Nagar, Delhi, with her husband, an employee of Apollo Munich in Gurgaon. They are a middle class family. Bhawna’s family is very supportive. Bhawna schooled in Faith Academy and graduated from the School of Open Learning, Delhi University.

Bhawna says, “I have locomotor disability since birth. Later I had muscle stiffness which resulted in paralysis. I underwent surgery when I was in Class 9. I recovered a little. I do have stiffness in my limbs. But I am able to walk and perform all my activities.”

“During my school and college days, children used to stare at me. They hesitated to interact with me. Gradually I got demoralized because I was socially isolated. True I have a disability but it is not a disease. I can walk, talk and move differently. But inside I am no different from others,” she says sadly.

Bhawna remembers meeting the staff of Livelihood Resource Centre (LRC) at one of their awareness programs organized at Sarthak Educational Trust. LRC is part of Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission on Relief (EFICOR) in Delhi. Bhawna relates, “I was impressed by LRC’s program.  I visited their office and enrolled for their trainings and job placement services. First they assessed my skills and abilities. Then several counseling sessions followed - which encouraged me to start working. LRC provided me coaching in basic communication and trained me to face interviews.”

Bhawna recalls, “One day LRC staff arranged an interview for me at The Foundation of Handicapped Development. When I heard I was selected as an Office Assistant I was happy. Today I manage the whole office and sometimes I provide training for the candidates with Visual Impairment.”

“Once upon a time I was idling at home, today I am inspired to work and earn. Thanks to the mentoring from LRC! They helped me to regain my confidence. I look at life positively now. I feel motivated to do something for myself and my family. LRC’s guidance and support is the key to my enhanced personality,” she confides shyly.

LRC staff says, “Bhawna is hard-working, simple by nature and passionate about her work. She is an extrovert. She has innovative ideas and has the ability to learn new things.” Bhawna is happy with her job. She and her family are thankful to LRC and appreciate the work done by them.

LRCs are located in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines and in South Africa. They are providing livelihood to people with less opportunities. They train, counsel, and guide their candidates and prepare them to face interviews. Their placement services not only provide jobs but also help the challenged to integrate into their work place. LRCs are part of the ‘Access to Livelihood’ program initiated by Leonard Cheshire Disability and supported by Accenture Foundation.