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Home Media News RKMVU and LCD Announce the next batch of Certificate Course for Pre-employment Skills

RKMVU and LCD Announce the next batch of Certificate Course for Pre-employment Skills

Date: 07/12/2016

Faculty of Disability Management and Special Education, Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University (RKMVU), Coimbatore  and Leonard Cheshire Disability (LCD) with its implementation Partner, Livelihood Resource Centre (LRC), Cheshire Homes, Coimbatore are conducting a university accredited Certificate Course on Pre-employment Skills for Persons with Disabilities. The course duration is 2 months and is completely residential course. First 45 days would be Theory and Practical and the last 15 days would be Internship in Industries. If the employers during the internship are happy with the performance have taken the candidates into their employee rolls. The course is planned in such a way that the whole course is employment centric to achieve a job opportunity..

The Certificate course for Pre-Employment Skills programme provides opportunities to learn / enhance the candidate’s

  • Life Skills (Self Awareness, Effective Listening, Personal Responsibilities, Social and Interpersonal, Stress Management, Health & Physical Fitness),
  • Basic Communication Skills (Reading, Writing for Business communication like Letters, Resumes, Emails, Responses to queries, Primary level reporting),
  • Computer Operations (Windows operations, Word Processing, Internet and Email concepts) with Assistive Technology on requirement,
  • Work Readiness Skills (Attitude, Ethics, Adaptability, Time Management and Following Rules and Regulations) and Career guidance & counselling.
  • Followed by an internship programme with Employers to have hands on abilities to work in an industry / employable environment on specific job profiles.
The course is structured to adapt further according to the requirements of the job profile oriented, encourage and build their capacities for specific sector needs & opportunities. The first batch for candidates with locomotor impairments and visual impairments had been completed successfully. And, now the batch is planned for candidates with hearing impairments.

Assessment and admission for the current batch exclusively for persons with hearing impairment are starting in First Week of January 2016. Total number of candidates per batch is maximum 20 candidates. Last date for Admission to the course is 22nd December 2016. The candidates can contact for admission: Mr. Raja Rajan 9047754549 / Mr. S Shankar Subbiah 9840097237 /  RKMVU-FDMSE, Coimbatore 7502732223 by SMS or Email to