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Home Resources Success Stories Vishnu Dev Kumar, a Sales Executive at Heraldic Business Solutions

Vishnu Dev Kumar, a Sales Executive at Heraldic Business Solutions

I am physically challenged. But I feel disability is not a handicap. It is just our bad attitude and our perceptions", says Vishnu Dev Kumar
Date: 23/03/2016
32-year-old Vishnu Dev Kumar of Mongolpuri Delhi is a person with orthopedic impairments.  He has faced many disappointments in his life. He says, “I am physically challenged. But I feel disability is not a handicap. It is just our bad attitude and our perceptions.  None of us are perfect in this world. True I do face problems while running and I am unable to carry heavy loads!  But I have the capability of earning a living!”
Vishnu lives with his father, mother, brother and sister, and grandparents. His father worked as a technician with IARI Pusa and has retired now. The entire responsibility of looking after the family rests on his shoulders. It has not been an easy time for the family.
“I was a year old when I had an attack of high fever with polio. My left leg was affected. I studied at the village government school. And then continued my computer course and financial accounting from F-Tech Delhi. Sometimes people did not accept me because of my disability. Especially at interviews, interviewers always draw my attention to my disability,” says Vishnu with sadness.
“In August 2015, I visited the Livelihood Resource Centre (LRC) in Delhi. LRC is a project run by EFFICOR (Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission on Relief).  At LRC, I was provided with training in Finance and Accounting and learned the accounting package called Tally. The training was free. The LRC team gave me a good grounding. They were very helpful. At the Job Fair arranged by LRC, I was selected as a Sales Executive in Heraldic Business Solutions (HBS).  Apart from my salary, I also receive post placement support for travelling from my home to office. Today I am not only earning, I am independent. I take care of all my family expenses,” says Vishnu beaming with pride and happiness.
Vishnu is grateful for LRC’s support. He says, “I am really blessed. There is a great change in my behavior and in my way of talking. I feel my confidence levels have risen high because of my financial status.  For many years I was searching for a decent job but remained unsuccessful.  Today I have a good job because of LRC’s trainings. I will work harder to achieve more and more success.”
Proud of Vishnu’s achievement, LRC team says, “Vishnu is very hardworking. He is sincere and he is very intelligent. He is always eager to learn new ways of sharpening his skills. We at LRC wish him a bright future!”
Vishnu thanks LRC for the wonderful work they are doing among the people with disabilities. LRC believes that people with disability should not be ignored. They are a source of inspiration to all of us.
Leonard Cheshire Disability has established LRCs in Mumbai, Delhi, Coimbatore, Bangalore and Chennai in India and in other countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and South Africa. LRCs are reaching out to the people with disabilities and enabling them to contribute to society both socially and economically. This programme is supported by Accenture Foundation.