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Date: 19/07/2019

The International Institute of Knowledge Management takes the pleasure to welcome you to the 4th World Disability & Rehabilitation Conference 2019 (WDRC 2019) which will be held from 07th – 08th November 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Disability & Rehabilitation Conference 2019 (WDRC 2019) is a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners, policy makers, educators, industry experts, health and disability advocates. It is a great platform to discuss and present the most recent research findings, trends, challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the field of Disability & Rehabilitation by ensuring the rights of individuals with disabilities.   We invite you all participants to attend WDRC 2019 from all around the world for a wonderful experience, networking opportunities, publishing and many more.

Dear Friends and Colleagues:
It is an honor and privilege to serve as the Chairperson for the 4th Annual World 
Disability and Rehabilitation Conference which will be held on November 7th and 
8th, 2019 in the beautiful city of Bangkok. Our theme this year is “Building Bridges 
towards a Common Goal: Advancing and Promoting Equity and Accessibility 
amongst People with Disabilities Worldwide”. The theme clearly indicates the 
desire of the conference to focus on the needs of those with disabilities and the 
supportive measures available to enhance education, advocacy, inclusiveness, and 
employment opportunities, while eliminating any stigma associated with having 
The conference will attract individuals from all parts of the world. In the past, the 
conference has had professionals and scholars from Europe, Africa, North America, 
Asia, and the Middle East. The conference is an excellent platform to meet global 
citizens who have a passion to learn, understand, and advance their overall 
(advocacy) skills for those with disabilities and unique challenges. 
There will be many cultures and languages represented, but in reality the 
participants have a tremendous amount in common. Everyone has a zest for 
knowledge with the goal of improving the lifestyle for individuals with disabilities. 
I encourage you to attend the conference and look forward to meeting you in-