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about-icon About Jobability

Jobability.org is an online job portal that matches job seekers from people with disablities with job vacancies, placements and resources. It provides a wealth of information and services for potential employees, employers and service providers, including advertising job vacancies online, managing applications, and providing access to training opportunities. Jobability is developed by LCD as part of Access to Livelihoods programme, supported by the Accenture Foundation. The programmes serves countries like India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, The Philippines and South Africa to gain the skills they need to enter employment or start their own business.
Jobability also contains a wide range of resources and information on disability and employment for job seekers, employees, employers, service providers and those who want to find out more about disability. Read More

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Cheshire Homes Coimbatore Coimbatore 01 Feb 2016
British Council Islamabad 21 Dec 2015
Spinlogics Hyderabad 14 Dec 2015
Sunsea E Services Private Limited Chennai 13 Nov 2015
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