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Home Resources Success Stories Amsaveni, an employee at Surfine Tools, Coimbatore

Amsaveni, an employee at Surfine Tools, Coimbatore

LRC Coimbatore changed my life for the better. I am able to support my family with ease!”, says Amsaveni
Date: 27/09/2016
Amsaveni T has locomotor impairments and lives with her mother in Singanallur, in Coimbatore district of Tamilnadu. She was dejected and had lost all confidence in herself. But everything changed once she met the staff of Livelihood Resource Centre (LRC) of Cheshire Homes, Coimbatore.

39-year-old Amsaveni relates, “I was working as a helper in an export company for the past 3 years. When the company suffered a loss, I and many other employees lost our jobs. Soon I took up a temporary job. But I was not very happy there. Recently when a government job fair was being conducted in Coimbatore, the LRC staff from the Cheshire Home approached me and explained to me the importance of the Job Fair. I told them I wanted to get a better job as soon as possible. So the LRC staff registered my name. They assured me that I would be able to find a suitable job at the Job Fair.”

However Amsaveni was not very convinced. She felt that like before she would receive the usual fake job offers. But the promises made by LRC Coimbatore did come true!

Bubbling with confidence and happiness Amsaveni shares, “Today I am working in Surfine Tools earning a salary of Rs.7000 per month. I never dreamt that I would get such a good job offer and in such a prestigious company. Now I am able to support my family with ease. Thank you LRC!”

LRC Coimbatore is part of the ‘Access to Livelihood’ programme run by Leonard Cheshire Disability - an international organization working for people with disabilities. This livelihood programme is supported by Accenture Foundation. Livelihood Resource Centres prepare people with disabilities for mainstream industries. They counsel, guide, train them, and encourage them to participate in Job Fairs. LRCs are running successfully in the cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Patna, Bangalore and Chennai. Apart from India, this programme has made its impact in countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and South Africa.