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Home Resources Success Stories Arpita, an Accounts Manager with Royal Bank of Scotland, Gurgaon

Arpita, an Accounts Manager with Royal Bank of Scotland, Gurgaon

I was determined and learnt to improve my abilities and saw tremendous change in life. My fears were dispelled and confidence rose” says Arpita
Date: 21/12/2015
Arpita (25) says, “I am Speech and Hearing Impaired. I don’t think it’s a curse. It is the blessings of god. I have learnt sign language and I can lip read too. Sign language is a dance with words,to be enjoyed from babyhood through childhood to adulthood. I am very positive about life. I live a normal life. I have had a normal schooling. I attended a normal college. I have normal friends. I know I am deaf. But deaf people can do anything just like normal people except they cannot hear. I have one more disability – I can walk but cannot run. I have no problem with that. I live comfortably and compete with normal people. No one is perfect,” she adds.
Arpita lives with her family in Kalkaji, Delhi with her bussinessman father and her mother. At the age of 4, Arpita suffered from Meningitis and was left with a loss  of speech and hearing.
Arpita completed her schooling from Balwant Rai Public School and graduated from College of Arts, Delhi University. Her family is very helpful and supports her in achieving her dreams. Arpita is fond of art. She paints beautifully and is adept in craft work.  She has married and her husband  holds a responsible position in a good firm.
Arpita says, “I came to LRC (Livelihood Resource Centre), Delhi, along with my mother and enrolled myself in December 2012. Here LRC staff gave me expert guidance and counseling. They provided me with trainings and sessions in motivation, and let me attend interviews to boost up my courage. I was determined to succeed. Patiently I learnt to improve my abilities. I saw a tremendous change in my life. My fears were dispelled and my confidence rose.”
“You can imagine how I excited I was when I got selected as Accounts Manager in Royal Bank of Scotland. I feel very royal working there. There is a great change in my personality, my social status, my attitude and the way I interact with people. Thank you LRC, Delhi.”
Full of praise for Arpita, LRC staff say, “She is intelligent and hard working, sincere and positive, creative and very sharp in her observations. She has a good command of skills for accounting. We wish her a very happy and successful future!”
LRCs are very supportive. They have the right skills to train and counsel people with disabilities. They work with people with disabilities all over the world – in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka and South Africa. LRCs are promoted by Leonard Cheshire Disability with the financial support of Accenture Foundation.
Arpita’s mother warmly says, “LRC-Delhi is doing a noble job. I salute them for their kindness and their support to us in a society which can be quite brutal with people with disabilities. Kindness is the language that the dumb can speak and the deaf can hear and understand. I want LRC to support more and more people with disability.”