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Home Resources Success Stories Ashish Dutta, employed in Big Bazar, Teghoria, Kolkata

Ashish Dutta, employed in Big Bazar, Teghoria, Kolkata

I am self dependent now. I have opened a bank account where I save my salary", says Ashish Dutta
Date: 20/02/2017
Ashish Dutta is a young and energetic 23-year-old. He is a person with hearing impairment. Today, he is happily working at the retail outlet of BIG BAZAR (FUTURE GROUP) in Teghoria, Kolkata. Of course he would have preferred to work in an outlet close to his home. 

Beaming with success Ashish says, “I have made friends among the office staff at Teghoria. They are so supportive. My HR Manager Subhankar Ghosh seems pleased with my work.”

Ashish lives with his mother and sister. His father died when he was very young. His mother works in a small private firm. Ashish stopped studying after class 8 as there wasn’t enough money for his education. But an enterprising Ashish did not allow his circumstances to deter him. He went and registered himself with Livelihood Resource Centre (LRC), at Serampore in Kolkotta, after attending their camp at Sealdah Society for the Deaf.

LRC staff invited Ashish to be assessed and counseled. He was interested in working in the retail sector but did not have the confidence to face interviews. Noting his drawback, LRC guided him through several sessions of counseling. Ashish also attended Leonard Cheshire’s Foundation Training in August 2016. This training filled him with confidence – a quality so essential for the retail sector. He also attended the 9-day training with BIG BAZAR - a big retail outlet for home goods. Emboldened by his trainings he went for an interview with BIG BAZAR (Future Group) at Teghoria, Kolkata, where he was able to clear his interview with ease. He joined BIG BAZAR on 13th December 2016 as a team member. Subhankar Ghosh, Manager says, “Ashish Dutta works very hard. He is sincere. And most of all he is punctual to work.”

Ashish reveals, “I am self dependent now. I have opened a bank account where I save my salary. I thank LRC for guiding me and providing me the right courses which have helped me get a job at BIG BAZAR, a big multi-national company. It would not have been possible without their support and guidance. Thank you LRC for helping me stand on my own two feet!  I have spread the word about LRC’s good work among all my disabled friends so they can benefit too. I specially recommend LRC for their quality trainings and placement assistance.”

LRCs are central to this award winning project called ‘Access to Livelihood’ – of Leonard Cheshire Disability, an organization working among the disabled. LRCs have been set up in several countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines and in South Africa with the support of Accenture Foundation. LRCs help the disadvantaged find their space in a very competitive world!