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Home Resources Success Stories Asif, a Senior Associate in EMC Square, Bengaluru

Asif, a Senior Associate in EMC Square, Bengaluru

A ray of light has fallen on me! Thanks to CHI-BU!. They connected me to the right company on the basis of my abilities and experience', says Asif
Date: 24/11/2016
I am well-placed in life today because of the coaching I received at Cheshire Homes India-Bangalore (CHI-BU)!

My family consists of my father (65) Idinabba, my mother (60) Zohara. I also have an elder brother who works as a driver. Recently I got married. I live in Bangalore now along with my wife.

I am 33 year old and from Mangalore. I have locomotor impairment due to polio. I can manage to walk but it is not easy. But I did not let my disability stop me from achieving in life. I studied hard. I persisted in getting myself qualified. I completed my high school and PUC (Pre-University Certificate) from Pompei High School, Mangalore, Karnataka.  Then I went on to do my B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) from Pompei College affiliated to Mangalore University.

After getting my degree I worked with Mphasis Private Ltd. It was there that I learnt about CHI-BU. One of my colleagues with disability informed me about the good work done by CHI-BU in skills development and employment. I was looking out for a change in job and also for better growth opportunities.

I went to Cheshire Homes India-Bangalore and registered myself with them. The CHI-BU team helped me to analyze my skills. They counseled me.  They persuaded me to take a course in grooming, preparing of resumes and attending mock interviews.  At that time CHI-BU was busy organizing a special recruitment drive for EMC Square. I attended the interview with EMC. The management selected me for the job of Senior Associate on a salary of Rs.54000/- per month.

The CHI-BU team explains, “Asif not only possesses good work experience, he also has excellent communication skills. Above all he did well in his interview with EMC!”

Asif gratefully acknowledges, “CHI-BU connected me to the right company on the basis of my abilities and experience. Even though I have the knowledge and experience, I did not have any contacts with employers!  CHI-BU was a great help in finding me the right employer. Today I feel confident and happy!  Thank you CHI-BU!”

Cheshire Homes India, Bangalore is one of the Livelihood Resource Centres (LRCs) which train and enhance the skillset of people with disabilities for employment. LRCs are part of the ‘Access to Livelihood’ program started and run by Leonard Cheshire Disability, an international agency doing excellent work among the disabled. This program is running with distinction in the countries of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, and South Africa. The ‘Access to Livelihood’ program receives the financial funding of Accenture Foundation.