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Home Resources Success Stories Basheer Ahmed, Housekeeping Desk Coordinator at The Oberoi Hotel, Bengaluru

Basheer Ahmed, Housekeeping Desk Coordinator at The Oberoi Hotel, Bengaluru

"Happy that I am able to support my father now in Family", says Basheer Ahmed
Date: 16/08/2018
Basheer Ahmed is 34 years old and lives with his father in Halasuru, Bangalore. At aged 3, he contracted polio which has affected both legs. As a result, he wears callipers and uses crutches to walk. His father was a driver but has had to give up work due to his age. His 3 brothers have left the family home.
Having completed his second standard education, Basheer was immensely keen to carry on his studies but was unable to. With no proper means of transport and a lack of accessibility in colleges, Basheer decided to try the Open University and did his PUC 2nd year.
He started looking for work but found it difficult to find a job near to his home. He worked for a firm for a while, but it was far from his home. He found the commute and the working hours long and tiring, and eventually gave up the role. A friend of his told him about Leonard Cheshire’s Livelihoods Resource Centre (LRC) in Bangalore. At the centre, he was assessed for his skills and were informed about his career aspirations. LRC gave him training and helped build up his confidence for attending interviews. They also helped him to develop his resume.
As a result of job placement support, Basheer was selected by The Oberoi Hotel, Bengaluru as a Housekeeping Desk Coordinator. He was very happy in his new role. The hotel is located near to his home, making it easier to get to work. His salary is Rs. 16000/- per month. He feels very happy now that he is able to support his father.

Supporting the people with disabilities to lead a life of success are the LRCs!  LRCs are part of the ‘Access to Livelihood’ program started by Leonard Cheshire, an international organization supported by Accenture Foundation. Their path-breaking initiative is ushering in change in the lives of the persons with disabilities in countries of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines and in South Africa.