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Home Resources Success Stories Chandrasekhar, CSR Executive with ASSOCHAM India by perseverence

Chandrasekhar, CSR Executive with ASSOCHAM India by perseverence

CSR Executive with ASSOCHAM (The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India)”, says Chandershekar
Date: 04/01/2016
“It was the happiest day of my life when I enrolled with EFICOR (Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission on Relief), a Livelihood Resource Centre (LRC), in Delhi, in the month of September 2015. I got inspired by their guidance and counselling for me. The trainings and counselling at LRC have helped to increase my self-confidence and my potential! Today I lead a very independent life,” says Chandershekar (40 years) beaming with joy and pride.

Chandershekher Taneja lives with his wife and mother in New Mahavir Nagar, in New Delhi. His family is poor. His father died early leaving him to face the family’s financial problems. He took good care of his mother and never shirked his responsibilities to his family.
Chandershekher was just 8 months old when he caught the polio fever which paralyed his left upper limb. He says with sadness, “People do not accept me because of my disability. Many a time people have discouraged and demotivated me. But I do not let their negative feedback influence me.”

Despite difficulties, Chandersheker completed his schooling from a public school, which granted him a concession in school fees. This helped him a lot. He persevered with his studies  and participated in all sports meets. He continued studying and managed to complete his graduation and then his post graduation from Jawaharlal Nehru University.

Around this time Chandershekar was also constantly applying for jobs and seeking a means for livelihood. He smiles and says, “The effect of LRC on me was that my attitude began to change and my confidence level started increasing day by day. Earlier I was very negative but my meeting with LRC has brought about a positive approach towards life. They have also strengthened my capacities. Now I am able to deal with life comfortably. I can survive in my professional and personal life as well.”
Pleased with his progress, the LRC Team says,”Chandershekar is very hardworking and sincere. He has acquired new skills. LRC wishes him a bright future!”.

Chandershekar’s family is very proud of what he has achieved in life despite his disability. They are all praise for LRC. “LRC is making a lot of contribution to society by improving the potential and prospects of persons with disabilities. LRC is working for a very noble cause - its not easy to train and to provide these candidates with job opportunities,” they say.

LRCs are promoted by Leonard Cheshire Disability with the financial support of Accenture Foundation. LRCs have mushroomed all over India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Philippines and South Africa improving the capacities of people with disabilities and promoting their cause. Leonard Cheshire Disability is committed to reducing poverty among the people with disability and in bringing about their equitable and sustainable progress in society.