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Dadapeer, a Software Engineer at US Technology, Bangalore

LRC Bangalore helped me to build my confidence levels through unique techniques. I am now a Software Engineer at US Technology", Says Dadapeer
Date: 15/01/2016

Dadapeer S is an engineering graduate with locomotor impairments. He tried to get employment in the industries in and around Bangalore. But his disability came in the way.

Dadapeer S from Chintamani taluk says, “Earlier I was not confident while speaking to people or appearing for any interview. I was scared to talk. It is Cheshire Homes, LRC-Bangalore, who helped me to build my confidence levels through their very unique techniques. They held mock interviews so I could improve my skills in interviews. I am deeply thankful for all their help!”

Dadapeer says, “I have an engineering degree but I did not have much other skills. I registered myself at Cheshire Home-LRC. The LRC Team helped me to analyze my skills, counseled me, and persuaded me to undergo an aptitude training of one month and courses in spoken English and grooming. Once I completed the courses, they sent me for an interview to US Technology International Private Ltd in Trivandrum. I cleared all my tests and interviews.”

Dadapeer says happily, “I am now working for US Technology as a Software Engineer (Grade – A1) on a handsome salary. I am thankful to LRC Bangalore for their advice, counseling and their timely trainings which have helped me to secure a job of my choice and suited to my ability. The courses given at LRC have helped me gain in confidence and are responsible for my success today!”

Dadapeer is a happy man today. He is financially independent and lives a good life. He stays with his family in Bangalore. LRC works to bring about such a change in the lives of persons with disabilities!