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Home Resources Success Stories Dianne Mallari, an Employee of Australia New Zealand Bank (ANZ)

Dianne Mallari, an Employee of Australia New Zealand Bank (ANZ)

Be positive and be grateful of what you’ve become. Do not miss any opportunity as it only knocks once! says Dianne Mallari, a disability advocate, music brand team member and an officer at ANZ.
Date: 23/07/2015
Dianne Mallari narrates her successs story to Jobability Team as below:
“My father died soon after my birth and my mother passed away when I was just 7-years-old. I was raised by her older siblings and other relatives. I had a difficult childhood. When I was eleven years old I was diagnosed with bone cancer. I was operated thrice and my left leg was amputated. A few months later, the cancer recurred and spread from my knee to my right breast. I underwent twelve cycles of chemotherapy. Then for two years I was admitted to a government hospital in Manila. I was lucky enough to have known a Belgian missionary based in Philippines who funded my expenses during my stages of recovery.

My struggle with cancer from a very young age made me a stronger person. Despite experiencing depression after my leg was amputated, I changed my outlook on life. I firmly believed that any form of disability is not a hindrance to succeed. Today I move around very confidently with a crutch.
As I grew up, I joined and participated in various events organized by youth organizations in Manila like the ‘Young Voices’ (YV), a dynamic advocacy group of young people with disabilities, sponsored by Leonard Cheshire Disability Philippines Foundation (LCDPFI). I also became a member of ‘Musikability’ – a band formed by musically-inclined members of YV Philippines.
In 2012, I was chosen to be one of the youth delegates for the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and attended an International Conference at the UN Headquarters in New York. I also represented the Philippines and the ‘Young Voices’ in 2013 at the European Development days held in Brussels, Belgium.
I believe these two major international stints where I was supported by LCD have greatly contributed to my present accomplishments. In 2014, I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature from The University of StoTomas, one of the most prestigious universities in Philippines.
The LRC Manila gave me training in personality development, leadership, coaching during my international exposures, recruitment support, guidance and mentoring. Moved by my story and seeing my confidence in my abilities, the Manager of Australia New Zealand Bank (ANZ) hired me in April 2015. Today I am employed as a Junior Collections Officer in the company. I enjoy my job. It is better than the jobs I had earlier. I receive a good compensation package with full employee benefits. I am very comfortable in the office as my team is very supportive and sensitive to my needs. ANZ is a value-based company which embraces diversity and inclusion in their workplace. LCDPFI has partnered ANZ in conducting a series of Disability Sensitization Trainings for ANZ Managers and employees.”