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Home Resources Success Stories Dinesh Kumar, an employee at SKI Industries, Chennai

Dinesh Kumar, an employee at SKI Industries, Chennai

I never dreamt that my son would be earning more than me one day!”, says Dinesh Kumar's Father
Date: 20/10/2016
19-year-old Dinesh Kumar is from Chennai in Tamilnadu. He lives with his parents and sister in a tiny house in Sevvapet. As Dinesh grew his parents realized their son was unable to speak properly and was child with moderate intellectual disability. But despite this Dinesh continued his studies with great difficulty.

When Dinesh failed his 10th standard examination, Leonard Cheshire Disability Nagapattinam helped him to approach Navajyothi Trust, NGO working for people with intellectual disabilities for a one-year training program. The instructors found that he lacked communication skills, his behavior was below par, and his arithmetic was poor. They focused all their energies on improving his behavior and his numeracy skills through role play and discussions. 

Dinesh’s father Munnuswamy says, “Both his instructors, Suresh and Sujatha, have been very good. They ensured that every student caught the right bus, got off at the right stop, and reached home safely.”

The one-year program has yielded good results. Dinesh was growing up into a responsible adult. He was displaying a lot of maturity.

All this was explained to his employers.  Dinesh managed to get a job with SKI Industries in Pattravakkam. It is two months now and Dinesh seems happy with his first job. He earns around Rs.5000 per month. Munnuswamy says, “I never dreamt that my son would be earning more than me one day!”  

Dinesh’s supervisor is pleased with the way Dinesh is coping. He has picked up speed. He is ready to accept any suggestions and follow instructions. His work performance is satisfactory. 

A grateful Munnuswamy explains, “The instructors have been able to modify his behavior and improve his communication skills. Today Dinesh is not only friendly he has become out-going as well. He converses easily with his cousins and neighbours. People are respectful and nobody teases him now. Today Dinesh takes a train to work. He observes all the norms and rules. And he is disciplined. Even if he is 10 minutes late he will ring up and inform his supervisor.”

The instructors say, “Dinesh has come a long way. He is far more receptive than before. He is open and flexible. All these qualities will help him to sustain his present job. We visit the company every week to see how he is progressing. Dinesh has a very loving and supportive family. They have helped to build his confidence.”

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