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Dinkar, an Associate Software Engineer in Accenture, Bangalore

I was filled with happiness on hearing that recruited by Accenture as an Associate Software Engineer. My talent had been recognized.”, says Dinakar G

Date: 15/01/2016

Dinkar G is an engineering graduate with locomotor impairments. He is the only son of his parents. His father is a cab driver and his mother is a housewife.

After acquiring his engineering degree, Dinkar tried to get a employment. But he was not successful. Most companies were not sure he could do justice to the job because of his disability. Dinkar was deeply disappointed. It was then that Cheshire Home, LRC, Bangalore came into his life. The LRC team helped him to analyze his skills. They counseled him and persuaded him to take a month’s course in aptitude training, and another course in spoken English, at their Bangalore facility.

Dinkar says with a smile, “Once I completed all the trainings, I felt self-assured and confident. The LRC team invited me to attend an interview at Accenture, a multinational Information Technology company. I not only cleared their aptitude test, but also their technical and Human Relations interviews.”
Dinkar shares his joy, “When I heard that I had been recruited by Accenture as an Associate Software Engineer, I was filled with happiness. My talent had been recognized. All thanks to LRC Bangalore for helping and assisting me with their timely trainings.  It is due to their efforts that I have been able to secure a job of my choice.”

LRC-Bangalore keeps in touch with me to ensure that my confidence levels are high and that I am secure in my job. I attribute my success to them.
Dinkar says, “I am financially independent now. I live with my family in Bangalore. Thank you Cheshire Homes, LRC-Bangalore!

Cheshire Homes, Livelihood Resource Centre, Bangalore, has been set up under Leonard Cheshire Disability’s ambitious programme called ‘Access to Livelihood’. The LRC identifies people with disabilities, trains, counsels and guides them, and prepares them to earn a livelihood. LCD’s award winning initiative supports the disabled to work in mainstream industries and even start their own enterprises. LRCs have been established in the major cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore and others. Apart from the programme’s successful launch in India, LRCs have made their presence felt in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and South Africa.