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Home Media Events “Discourse on Includabiity – Approaches, Experiences and Way Forward”

“Discourse on Includabiity – Approaches, Experiences and Way Forward”

Date: 19/02/2019

Greetings from Leonard Cheshire!!
We, Leonard Cheshire with its implementing partner – LC Project Nagapattinam is
organising an event titled: “Discourse on Includabiity – Approaches, Experiences and Way Forward” from 10:00AM to 01.30PM on 21 st February 2019 at The Raintree Hotel, Anna Salai, Chennai to bring together, the stakeholders who have been driving the inclusion agenda in their respective areas of work.

The objectives of this event are:
1.To reflect on existing approaches and practices,
2.To share and learn 
3. To facilitate synergy to move forward.

In the event, the discussions will be on –
1. How to strengthen HR Processes to
ensure inclusion 
2. How to synergise at the ecosystem level.

More than one billion persons with disabilities, 15% of the world's population, make up one of the most disadvantaged and marginalised groups within society. They are routinely denied their most basic human rights — cut off from education, employment and healthcare. Many live in extreme poverty.
At Leonard Cheshire, we work to change that. With over seven decades of
experience and a deeply rooted network of over 200 Leonard Cheshire Global
Alliance members in 54 countries, we are one of the world's largest networks wholly
dedicated to supporting persons with disabilities.
Leonard Cheshire is a charity supporting disabled people in the UK and around the
world to fulfill their potential and live the lives they choose. We have five regional
offices in Asia and Africa. Our South Asia office is based in Bangalore, India.
The Venue: The Raintree Hotel, No. 636, Anna Salai, Satya Murthy Nagar,
Teynampet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600035. Telephone Number – 044 2830 9999
Hence, we cordially invite your participation in the event to share your
experience and thoughts.