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Home Resources Success Stories Fathima Begum, an Employee of EMC (Egan Marino Corporation)

Fathima Begum, an Employee of EMC (Egan Marino Corporation)

The foundation training provided at Bangalore LRC helped me become well placed in life today. says Fathima Begum, now an Employee of EMC
Date: 22/07/2015
Fathima lives in Bangalore, with her parents. Her father is no longer able to work due to ill health and her mother is a housewife.
Despite possessing excellent qualifications and 4 years work experience, Fathima was not given an opportunity for a permanent job due to discrimination. She realized that even though she had valuable experience and expertise, she needed more than that in order to find a suitable and lasting position.
“I got in touch with LRC where they helped me to analyze my skills. They counselled me. They gave me training - in grooming, how to prepare resumes, and how to talk, and I took mock interviews. These trainings were a great help. They gave me confidence.
On 21st February 2015, Fathima Begum, 31, attended a job fair held by the Livelihoods Resource Centre (LRC), managed by Cheshire Homes India, Bangalore. At this event she was connected with several companies by the LRC team who were mindful of Fathima’s professional abilities and experience.
Following the fair Fathima was invited to attend an interview at a company called EMC (Egan Marino Corporation), and was offered the role of Associate Business Analyst on a salary of Rs 41,000 a month. “…you can imagine my surprise and happiness…” Fathima told the LRC team.
Fathima went on to say ‘I was stricken with polio when I was just 40 days old, and learnt to walk with the help of callipers and a walker. I remain orthopedically disabled in both legs, but my disability did not deter me from going to school. I completed my 10th standard and my pre-university qualification before graduating in Bachelor of Commerce from Madurai Kamaraj University in 2012.It was at this job fair that I was interviewed and selected by ECM. It was my preparation, my grooming, my confidence and my skills that helped me to land such a good job for myself. Thank you LRC for coaching me!  I would not have been able to do this without you!”