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Home Media News For Cheshire residents it was a moment to cherish

For Cheshire residents it was a moment to cherish

Date: 28/09/2015

The young and old living in the home presented with aplomb the prayer song and dance, which impressed many including senior Congress leader and MP, Oscar Fernandes.

The residents of the home then presented cultural programme for around 30 minutes.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Fernandes lauded the services of Cheshire Homes. He appreciated the effort put in by the staff at the home in training the inmates to sing and dance on a public platform.

Deputy Commissioner A.B. Ibrahim said the district administration will continue to provide food for the resident.

He said the district administration will support the home in taking care of people with disabilities.

Bishop of Mangaluru Aloysius Paul D’Souza and Chairman of Cheshire Homes India Rana Philip participated in the programme.

Octavia Albuquerque, former MLC, and president of Cheshire Homes Mangaluru Wilma Aranha were felicitated. J.R. Lobo, MLA, Mayor Jacintha Vijay Alfred and Ivan D’Souza, MLC, also attended the programme.

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