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Hema, an online consultant in Coimbatore

Today I am successful. My efforts are showing results. I earn more income than before.", says Hema
Date: 07/08/2017
I am Hema. I live close to the town hall in Coimbatore. I am 27 years old. I work as an online Consultant on passports. I have 2 years experience in this field. I earn around Rs. 200/- a day.
My Locomotor Disability has not prevented me from earning a living or my desire to earn better. I have studied up till Standard 12. I am married and live with my husband and parents. My family supports me in my ambitions.

I realized I needed financial assistance to develop my business. A friend of mine suggested that I go to Cheshire Homes in Coimbatore. He even helped me to register myself at their Livelihood Resource Centre (LRC). The staff at LRC is very kind. They put me at ease and gently interviewed me on my skills and abilities. They suggested a couple of trainings for me which would help me to increase my business. I attended their coaching classes consisting of:
  1. Foundation Training (to improve my ability, skills, numeracy, and communication)
  2. Personality Development (to enhance my motivation, my attitude, my expression)
  3. Entrepreneurship Development Training to restructure my business processes and
  4. Life Skills to develop my business
LRC also gave me financial support to buy a Lamination Machine. They assisted me in drawing up a successful business process and plan for myself. Today I am successful. My efforts are showing results. I earn more income than before. I am very grateful to LRC-Coimbatore for their coaching and guidance. Thank you very much LRC I am able to support my family!

LRCs are the initiative of Leonard Cheshire Disability - an international organisation working for persons with disabilities. LRCs form part of their ‘Access to Livelihood’ program which helps to integrate the disabled into the mainstream world of work. This globally acknowledged program receives the support of Accenture Foundation. This program trains, guides, and mentors the challenged in setting up and succeeding in their own little business initiatives!