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Home Media News Hi Tech Training Centre for persons with disabilities inaugurated by Cheshire Homes, Coimbatore

Hi Tech Training Centre for persons with disabilities inaugurated by Cheshire Homes, Coimbatore

Date: 18/04/2016

Cheshire Homes, 48 year old organization serving persons with disabilities, is working with Leonard Cheshire Disability on a Livelihood opportunities project for persons with disabilities of all type like locomotor, visual, hearing, intellectual and developmental disabilities.

To offer information and communication technology based hi tech training for enhancing the employment opportunities of the persons with disabilities, Cheshire Homes Coimbatore and its Livelihood Resource Centre has setup the training centre.  The training centre is setup as a project undertaken by Coimbatore Metropolitan Round Table 62 and Coimbatore Metropolitan Ladies Circle 23 in partnership with Cheshire Home Coimbatore. It was inagurated by the Round Table India Secretary, GLMF Tr. Christopher Arvinth and Ladies Circle India National Secretary LMF Cr. Veda Bestin in the presence of Cheshire Homes CEO, Chairman and Secretary.

The Training centre has audio enabled computers with NVDA screen reader installed, audio and video tutors, DAISY converter software for converting printed material to DAISY for making it accessible, adapated keyboard and trackball mouse, easy to type and document literacy support Clicker software, talking calculator and other aids, Sign language tutor and dictionary that would help persons to have hands on training and experience.

Cheshire Home and LRC Coimbatore planned to train candidates for various employability segraments like BPO / ITES, IT, Media, Retail and Manufacturing Industry by imparting Computer literacy and additional skills. And, work with employers for placement and livelhihood opportunities or to setup livelhood on their own as self employment.

LRC Coimbatore is currently serving 3140 persons with disabilities from various districts of Tamilnadu supported by Leonard Cheshire Disability.