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Home Media Events Inauguration of Sensory Garden for Children with Disabilities at Cheshire Home, Mumbai

Inauguration of Sensory Garden for Children with Disabilities at Cheshire Home, Mumbai

Date: 20/05/2017

The Chairman, Members of Management Committee, Staff, Residents & Beneficiaries of Cheshire Homes India, Mumbai cordially invite you to Cheshire Homes India, Bethlehem House, Opp. Canossa Convent, Andheri (East) on the Occasion of formal Inauguration of ‘Sensory Garden for Children with Disabilities’ at 4.00 p.m. on Saturday the 20th May 2017. The idea of Sensory Garden became a reality largely by the funds graciously donated by the Australian Consulate-Mumbai under its Direct Aid Programme (DAP).
The inaugural event will be presided over by Mr. Tony Huber, Consul General, Mr. Tim Hall, Vice Consul and Ms. Aliya Elariss, Public Diplomacy Officer, the Australian Consulate, Mumbai.
Cheshire Home through its Day Care Centre programme rehabilitate on a regular basis a number of children from the marginalised  section of the society mainly from the slum clusters in Andheri (E), through Physiotherapy, Special Education, Speech Therapy and other therapeutic interventions. These children mostly suffer from Cerebral palsy, Deformity, Muscular dystrophy, Low vision, Hearing impairment, Learning disabilities, Autism, Intellectual disability etc. A Sensory Garden for these children was a much needed facility to provide multisensory development of children and physical development in a stimulating environment that is colorful with vegetation, aromatic flowering, edible plants, hydrotherapy (Water Pool), sand pit and safe play equipment in a secured area under professional supervision that will encourage mobility, development of gross motor skills, tactile sense etc. These therapeutic interventions are carried out in a playful atmosphere that encouragesthese children the full use of their various senses.
Facilities like the Sensory Garden have a high therapeutic value for children with disabilities, however, with most of our beneficiaries being from low income groups, living in challenging conditions they do not have access to such a facility whatsoever.
We look forward to having you with us as we formally dedicate the new facility to the beneficiaries i.e. children with disabilities.
Thank You.
P.M. John
Cheshire Homes India-Mumbai