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Home Media News Indian Railways Ticket Concession Rules For Person with disabilities, Others Explained

Indian Railways Ticket Concession Rules For Person with disabilities, Others Explained

Date: 09/05/2019

Indian Railways offers a concession on ticket prices to select categories of passengers. These include senior citizens, students, government award winners, patients and persons with disabilities, according to Indian Railways' website - Except senior citizens, the concession on Indian Railways tickets is admissible on production of the requisite certificate from the concerned person, according to the Railways website. The documents issued by organizations in other countries are not be valid for the purpose of concession, according to Indian Railways.
Here are five things to know about the Railways' rules on the concession on train tickets:
1. All concessional fares are calculated on the basis of fares for mail/express trains irrespective of the type of train, (mail, express or passenger) by which the passenger travels, according to the Railways website.
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2. Only one type of concession is admissible at a time on choice of the passenger.
3. In the case of senior citizens, no proof of age is required at the time of purchasing tickets. The concession tickets are issued on demand made through the option in reservation form. However, the senior citizens are required to carry some documentary proof showing their age or date of birth and produce it if demanded by some Railway Official during the journey.
4. The holder of a concession ticket is not permitted to change the ticket to a higher class even by paying the difference of actual fares.
5. The concession is not granted for any journey the cost of which is borne by the central or state government, according to the Railways website