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Home Resources Success Stories Kallappa, as Process Executive in Rural Shores, Bagepalli of Kolar

Kallappa, as Process Executive in Rural Shores, Bagepalli of Kolar

Being a Wheel chair user did not stop me from achieving my dreams', says Kallappa
Date: 10/08/2016
Kallappa is full of praise for Cheshire Homes India – Bangalore. When Cheshire organized a Mini Job Fair at Mysore, their team sent Kallappa for an interview with M/s. Rural Shores Private Limited. Nothing prepared them for the surprise that was awaiting them.

Kallappa smiles and says, “I was nervous in the beginning.  But Cheshire’s skills training program came to my rescue. Their training had given me the courage and confidence to attend the interview. It was a great surprise to me when I was selected as a Process Executive in the Customer Care division of M/s Rural Shores Private Limited. The company offered me a total salary package of Rs.1,02,000/- per annum, with free transportation and accommodation. I accepted their offer gratefully. My job is in Bagepalli, about 100 kms away from Bangalore city. I attribute my success to Cheshire Homes India” says 20 year old Kallappa happily.

“My greatest challenge has been my physically disability. I am a wheel chair user. But it has not stopped me from achieving my dreams. My colleagues are very supportive. They treat me with respect and encourage me to achieve my goals,” says Kallappa full of hope and enthusiasm. 
Kallappa is a shining example for other people with disability. He says, “I am from a remote village called Pilajanahalli in Chitradurga district of Karnataka. When I was 2 years old I was afflicted with polio. I lost strength in both my legs.”

Kallappa’s family consists of 8 members. His father is a farmer and his mother, a housewife. His three elder brothers support their father in farming. His two sisters are married and settled. 
Relating the reason for his success, Kallappa says, “I completed my high school from a government school which is 2 kms from my village. I went to school in my tricycle. My classmates used to carry me into the schoolroom. In 2013, I got my Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC). My elder brother convinced my father to let me join JSS polytechnic College, in Mysore, for a better career. In 2016 I received my Diploma in Commercial practice.”

Then I joined Cheshire’s skills training programme where they taught soft skills and sharpened my abilities in communications. Their aptitude classes helped me - to handle interviews, tackle entrance tests, to dress neatly and look presentable. My confidence levels were high when I appeared for the interview and bagged the job in Rural Shores Ltd. Thank-you Cheshire!”

Cheshire Homes, Bangalore is one of the centres through which Leonard Cheshire Disability works to increase the economic participation of people with disabilities. With the financial support of Accenture Foundation, Leonard Cheshire Disability has opened Livelihood Resource Centres in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, and South Africa, apart from India. Their ‘Access to Livelihood’ program promotes employment opportunities for the disabled by improving their access to vocational training and making them employable in mainstream industries.