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Karan, a Customer Care Executive in AGEIS Limited

If you are not willing to fail, you are not ready to succeed!”, says Karan
Date: 03/07/2017
Karan, 24 years old is a person with orthopedic impairments due to polio soon after birth. He belongs to a middle class family consisting of his parents and two sisters. His father is employed with the Indian Army in Noida, Delhi.

Karan shares, “I used to lose hope whenever I was faced with failure. If I was normal I would be able to do what normal people can do. My disability limits me. It restricts my mobility and my abilities. I cannot take up jobs that require physical stress like running, and climbing!”

Karan reveals, “I completed my schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya and my B.Tech. (Bachelor in Technology) from ITS Engineering College in Greater Noida.”

Karan says, “In 2016, in need of a job, I visited a Job Fair in Noida conducted by National Career Services. I thought the job fair was designed to be inclusive but most employers preferred to select candidates who were normal. I was very depressed. While I was roaming around the Fair I met the Livelihood Resource Centre team (LRC) from EFICOR (Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission on Relief), New Delhi. The EFICOR staff was very encouraging. They talked to me and helped me to relax. They registered my name and invited me to their centre!”

“At their centre, I was inducted into a soft skills training program by Accenture volunteers and EFICOR Trainers. This training was immensely useful. It helped me to build up my skills. Yes, I did have technical skills but I had difficulty in communicating with people who spoke in English. After the training, LRC staff took me for an interview to AGEIS Limited, whose office is located very close to my home. You can imagine my surprise and joy at being selected as ‘Customer Care Executive!” says Karan excitedly.

“LRC staff’s continuous encouragement and motivation has filled me with confidence. Earlier I used to lose hope at the smallest setback. Today I am stronger because of LRC. My behavior, attitude, personality - all have undergone a change. I am more communicative. Now I interact more with people around me. I always keep myself busy. I have learnt to talk. I am also more presentable. Today I not only earn I share in my family responsibilities and contribute to the family kitty,” says Karan with pride.

Happy with Karan’s performance, LRC staff says, “Karan is a gentleman. He is intelligent and sensitive.”

Karan concludes, “I learnt that every failure is a lesson!  I am really happy to have met up with the LRC staff at EFICOR. Poor people cannot afford huge training expenses but EFICOR provides this training free of cost. People with disability do not know where and how to apply for jobs.  EFICOR is helping people with disability to avail the benefits of their training and placement support!  ”
LRCs are the backbone of the ‘Access to Livelihood’ program started by Leonard Cheshire Disability, an international organization working among people with disabilities. LRCs are providing the facilities and trainings that make the challenged employable and enable them to access mainstream industries. Leonard Cheshire is working to make mainstream spaces more inclusive to the most disadvantaged. In this noble venture Leonard Cheshire is supported by Accenture Foundation.