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Home Resources Success Stories Karthikeyan, Sales Assistant in Kannan Departmental Stores, Coimbatore

Karthikeyan, Sales Assistant in Kannan Departmental Stores, Coimbatore

I am grateful to Livelihood Resource Centre for all that they have done for me!” says Karthikeyan
Date: 20/03/2017
22-year-old Karthikeyan is from Coimbatore. He lives with his parents and sister. Karthikeyan says, “I have completed my B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce). I am searching for a job. But no one wants to employ me because I have locomotor disability. Disappointed I started to look for ways to overcome my difficulty. It was my sister who told me about Cheshire Homes in Coimbatore (CHC) and their Livelihood Resource Centre (LRC) which works for people with disability. She took me to their office to get my name registered.”

Smiling Karthikeyan continues, “After registration CHC provided me with several trainings at their LRC – training in computers, motivational training, training in Personality Development and Life Skills. All this helped to improve my knowledge and increase my confidence. CHC also sent me for a Certificate course on pre-employment skills for persons with disabilities in Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University, Coimbatore. As part of the course, CHC recommended my name to Kannan Department Stores at Singanallur, for internship!”

Karthikeyan proudly reveals, “Can you imagine my luck!  I was hired by the company as Sales Assistant at the Gandhipuram branch of Kannan Departmental Stores soon after internship. This branch is the nearest to my home. Thank you LRC for helping and guiding me in developing my career.”

“Initially I was very shy. I hardly spoke or shared my thoughts with anyone. Gradually I made efforts to interact with my colleagues and other staff. My interactions with them, my training and course helped to draw me out of my quiet introverted behavior. Today I am able to earn and support myself and my family with my earnings!”

Livelihood Resource Centres are the foundation of the ‘Access to Livelihood’ program started by Leonard Cheshire Disability. Leonard Cheshire is a world renowned organization that works among people with disability. Their award winning ‘Access to Livelihood’ program has been implemented in countries of India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Philippines and in South Africa. This noble venture of Leonard Cheshire Disability and their partner Accenture Foundation seeks to create space for the disadvantaged in a very competitive world.