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Kartikeyan, an entrepreneur in Sublimation Printing from Chennai

It’s my grandson’s future and he is recognised, a chance to show himself that he is also capable", says Kartikeyan's Grandmother

Date: 17/04/2019

Kartikeyan is 22 years of age with mild intellectual disability who is living with his grandmother of Mrs. Malliga.  He is studying in special school   managed by NIEPMD for the last thirteen years. Earlier, he was studying in mainstream school up to grade 8th in Government Middle School, Kolathur, Mampakkam, Kanchipuram District, Tamil Nadu.  Later he was unable to cope with his studies due to lack of flexible curriculum, pedagogies, in equipped education system and negative attitude of the teachers lead Kartikeyan to drop out from the mainstream education system.
Later, he has admitted in special school that is NIEPMD and trained on activities of daily living skills and he became independent.  His basic education was reinforced by the special school where he can read and write, understand English and work on computers.  After that he was trained on Sublimation (Printing of pictures on objects through digital technologies) where he used to operate computer to print various designs on cups, toys and various objects.
Kartikeyan was introduced to the LCPNP team during the parent’s orientation program organised in association with NIEPMD.  Where the special project was introduced to train persons with intellectual disabilities in to computer training and Sublimation Printing. Kartikeyan got selected for the same. The entire family was took part in the training program and learnt the skills of basic Sublimation technology and parent orientation. After one month training program, the team from LCPNP financially supported, Kartikeyan family to start the Sublimation business centre on Aug 2018. He was supported with training materials on sublimation printing during this period. His face brightened when he was said he is going to be business man. I used to guide him when he forgets certain things. He is a person who takes utmost care of his personality and very conscious indeed. Always he use to wipe the saliva dropping from his mouth and very cautious maintaining his personal hygiene states Grandmother.
The proactive grandmother also learnt computers with her grandson and assist him in sublimation. His sister helps him in sourcing clients and hosting their products in Facebook, Whatsapp. This unit was inaugurated by LCPNP Project team and officials of NIEPMD on August 2018. The Grand Mother states that. It was a new day, as though my grandson was born new and seeing this world bright and colourful. M/s .Vetri Associative Prints was born and came into limelight.
Local colleges for orders was sourced by his father, exhibited the products in stalls and malls. The family has sourced orders to tune of Rs. 30000/- in two months’ time.
The family were assisted by NIEPMD and LCPNP to apply for the National Award 2018 titled as best self-employed beneficiary within the category of Multiple Disabilities and Kartikeyan obtained the same.
The Grandmother states that when my grandson was selected to receive the award from the Hon’ble Vice President of India in a grand ceremony held at New Delhi in 3rd Dec 2018. Sincere effort never fails, only will power and confidence needed for success, not abled or disabled. She continued stating that ,It’s my grandson’s future and he is recognised, a chance to show himself that he is also capable. The business are in the process of setting up office in nearby colleges. I find golden rays in my grandson’s eyes!

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