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Home Resources Success Stories Kashnahar Khatun from a rural background, to Customer Care Executive in BPO

Kashnahar Khatun from a rural background, to Customer Care Executive in BPO

“Thank you LRC Serampore – I am self dependent because of you!” says a grateful Kashnahar Khatun (25)
Date: 29/09/2015
Kashnahar Khatun lives in the rural areas of Barasat, in North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal along with her father, an agricultural labourer, and her mother.
Kashnahar has locomotor disability of the upper right limb says, “I am a graduate in history from Rabindra Bharati University. I have some basic knowledge of computers. But I had no idea what to do next. I was sitting idle at home”.
One day the ‘mike prachars’ of Livelihoods Resource Centre (LRC) Serampore, Kolkotta came to my neighbourhood. They are autos equipped with loud speakers, announcing LRCs identification camp to be held in May 2015. It was for unemployed disabled people like me. They were distributing leaflets printed in the local language which contained information on the location, the venue, the time, and most importantly what we should carry with us to the camp for registration - documents like educational qualifications, trainings taken, work experience if any, etc”.
Leonard Cheshire Disability (LCD), with financial support from Accenture, started a project called 'Access to Livelihoods’ by establishing Livelihoods Resource Centres (LRCs) in various locations, with the ambitious goal of increasing the economic participation of people with disabilities around the world. LRCs (Livelihood Resource Centres) are the nerve centres through which Leonard Cheshire Disability functions. LRCs not only provide training and counseling, but they also help the disabled to find jobs of their choice.
LRC Serampore had contacted the local clubs and taken the permission of the village panchayat leaders to hold the identification camp where they would register as many people as possible. Later on they would assess, counsel and prepare the disabled applicants for the foundation training, and if necessary more trainings, depending on the need.
Kashnahar continues her story, “After my registration at the camp, I was called to the LRC office where the staff assessed my abilities. They were very kind. They counseled me through several sessions. I told them I was interested in doing some job related with IT but I lacked the confidence to attend interviews. Then I attended their Leonard Cheshire Foundation Training for 7 days - which helped me gain in confidence, equipped me with knowledge, and prepared me for my future interviews.
On 20th May, 2015, LRC referred my name to Serco BPO (Business Process Organization). I underwent several interviews.  I cleared them all and was appointed ‘Customer Care Executive’ at their BPO at Barasat, Badu Road.” says Kashnahar happily.
I love my work with Serco. Their workplace environment is disabled friendly. My colleagues are very friendly and helpful. The head of HR (Human Resources), Mr Abhrajit Banerjee is very happy with my performance. He says I am very hardworking, punctual and regular.
After six months of service I am entitled to an increment. I am working hard to ensure that I get it. This job helps me to take care of myself and contribute to my family’s expenses. Thank you LRC!  I will tell all my disabled friends about LRCs informative trainings and their friendly placement assistance.