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Kishore, an Employee of Aqua Studio

Despite being a good artist, Kishore, a 25 year old young man with hearing impairment was not able to get a job. However with the support of Bangalore LRC, he got his dream job by posting his requirements on the ‘jobability‘ portal.

Kishore stays with his parents and younger sister in Bangalore. After completing his II PUC with specialisation in painting, photography, pencil sketching and applied designs etc, Kishore also completed his Bachelor degree in Fine Arts. Being a great painter, Kishore got 15 awards for painting to his credit.
Kishore Date: 21/04/2015

Despite having such high skills, Kishore was not able to get a suitable job which made him contact Bangalore Livelihoods Resource Centre (LRC) managed by Cheshire Homes India Coimbatore, supported by Leonard Cheshire Disability as part of ‘Access to Livelihoods’ project funded by Accenture. The LRC conducted the assessment and understood that he does not have knowledge of graphic designs. Moreover based on the job market analysis done by LRC, he needs to build his skills to convert the hand drawn sketches to digital illustrations. LRC provided him a one month training in Photoshop and coral draw which has given him a confidence that he can do better job.   Jobability, a portal run by Leonard Cheshire Disability with support of Accenture is proving to make remarkable changes in the lives of youths with disabilities. Kishore was looking for the employment and through Bangalore LRC, he uploaded his resume on jobability portal.  Mean time Aqua studio , a company into graphic designing of games for phones got in touch with LRC through the portal and shortlisted Kishore for the post of graphic designer. 


Aqua Studios specifically wanted candidates to convert their hand drawn sketches to digital illustrations, which skill Kishore had acquired by then!. Today at Aqua Studio, Kishore not only earn INR 10,000 per month but contribute back to his family and leading happy and dignified life. Kishore who is having difficulty in speaking, says “Nothing is impossible, I have proven it”.