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Kumar, back to his Tailoring life at Permabur, Chennai

From beggary to tailoring - I am back on my feet again!” says Kumar 
Date: 27/10/2016
K Kumar a person with locomotor impairment lives in Perambur, Chennai, with his two sons and his mother. His sons are studying in the local government school.
Sharing his life story, Kumar says, “I have studied up to class 6. When I was 14 I joined a tailoring shop as a trainee because I was interested in stitching. I learnt to stitch all types of pants, salwar-kameez, blouses, and shirts. My family was happy that I was earning and was able to look after myself. They decided I should marry. However after few years my wife left me and my two sons because of a family quarrel.  I became despondent.  I stopped speaking to other members of my family.  I started drinking alcohol to forget my problems.  My tailoring business dwindled and I struggled to look after my family. When I was unable to feed myself and my sons I started begging. I felt ashamed that though I had tailoring skills I had become a beggar in the street.”
Kumar continues, “One morning I was begging at the Livelihood Resource Centre (LRC) – Nagapattinam. The LRC team invited me into their office. They offered to counsel me. I broke down and wept and told them all my problems. I realized soon where I had gone wrong. I felt better and decided to take my family responsibilities seriously.  I wanted to resume my tailoring work.”
Kumar continues, “I informed LRC, I just want you to provide me with a sewing machine so I can start earning my livelihood. Please give me the chance to start once again.”
LRC supported Kumar to acquire a sewing machine through the “Access to Livelihood” program run by Leonard Cheshire Disability and funded by Accenture Foundation.
I started to stitch clothes once again. I began earning Rs.100 a day. I am able to support my mother and my children now. I am confident that my earnings will increase. Thanks to LRC Nagapattinam’s timely intervention and support to me during a crucial stage of my life!”
Kumar is earning his livelihood today!  LRC staff regularly visit Kumar to see how he is progressing and to keep him motivated.
Kumar adds, “Today I stitch dresses for customers of a big boutique shop in Perambur. I earn a steady income. My sons are studying well in school. I am able to meet the medical expenses of my second son who has epilepsy. We are a happy family now. I am thriving because of LRC-Nagapattinam.”
LRC Nagapattinam is one of the many livelihood resource centres started by Leonard Cheshire Disability with the support of Accenture Foundation. There are many such happy cases like Kumar!  This ‘Access to Livelihood’ program is successfully being implemented in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines and South Africa.