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Mohd Yaseen, employed as Practitioner in IBM, Delhi

I am happy to be in my dream job. Today I am confident. I am independent. And I feel secure.", says Mohd Yaseen
Date: 26/11/2018
Yaseen lives with his parents in Seemapuri, in the city of New Delhi, India. He has Locomotor disability due to polio from the tender age of 2. Yaseen proudly shares, “I did my schooling in a government school. Then I pursued my B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) from the School of Open Learning. I also acquired a diploma in Mechanical Engineering from PUSA University.”
“It was my dream to work in IBM,” he says. “In September 2017 I learnt about EU-LRC (Livelihood Resource Centre funded by European Union India Livelihood) project. I attended their camp. On the very same day I registered my name with EU-LRC.” I underwent their training called ‘Ready to Succeed’. The training was successful in motivating and encouraging me to aim higher. Under the guidance of EFICOR (Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission on Relief), New Delhi – one of the partners of EUIL (European Union India Livelihoods) project, I applied for jobs in other companies as well as IBM.”
Says a surprised Yaseen, “I was selected by the other companies but rejected by IBM, the dream company I wanted to work for. I did not feel like joining those I got selected either.” In the following months Yaseen was counseled and motivated. But, Yaseen was determined to work for IBM. The EU-LRC official regularly followed up with him. Yaseen attended 5 more interviews with IBM. He was rejected in 4. But he did not give up hope. In his 5th interview he succeeded. IBM selected him!
Yaseen says, “I now work as a Practitioner at IBM. I am happy to be in my dream job. Today I am confident. I am independent. And I feel secure. I love to introduce myself as an IBM staffer. Thank you EU-LRC for all your support and follow-up during my days of insecurity!” EU-LRC team is very happy for Mohd Yaseen. The team continues to follow his progress. They are satisfied with his progress at IBM. Yaseen is a very hard working and sincere individual. His employer too is happy with his performance. EU-LRC team says, “We wish him all success in life. He will be an inspiration for others.”
EUIL (European Union India Livelihoods) project was started in January 2016 with the mission of providing employment and livelihoods for 5000 people with disability during its 3-year duration. EUIL has 5 project partners working with it in Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. EFICOR is one of them.