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Nandish, Receptionist at Hotel Maheswari, Pandavpura

I am employed to suit my qualification and abilities", says Nandish, Pandavapura, Karnataka
Date: 27/01/2021
28-year-old Nandish from Pandavapura, a rural village in Karnataka hailing from a poor family was in desperate need of work to support his family after his graduation. But for years he faced discrimination with employers unwilling to give him a job. Nandish says that this was because of misconceptions, most of them believed that people like him affected by Polio cannot work like others, their productivity would be much lower, etc. Resigning himself to the fact that he may never get a job befitting his education, he took on an offer to work a security guard on a low salary. A local hospital agreed to employ him as a security guard. He worked there was almost 6 years on a salary of Rs.6000 but when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, and the lock down was announced, the hospital laid him off as part of cost cutting measures. He remained unemployed for several months and left to a tough time like years before.
The Inclusion-100 project of Leonard Cheshire implemented by LC Project Nagapattinam (LCPNP) has given him a second chance. Nandish was identified by field staff to be an ideal candidate for the Inclusion-100 project, that promotes apprenticeship programs for persons with disabilities to receive on the job training and employment thereafter. Since he already had some work experience, the Ready2Suceed training helped Nandish enhance and update his skills. Keeping his education in mind as well as his interests, LC team reached out to several employers for a suitable job to his qualification and finally, secured him a job.  Today, Nandish is employed as a receptionist in Hotel Maheswari, in the nearby town. He travels his adapted two wheeler and is happy of working in a job that uses his education and skills. as a receptionist.
The hotel wanted him to get trained to the needs of hospitality industry for some months and employ him on a regular basis with a salary. The training was completed in October 2020 and Nandish completed his three months of employment earning a salary of Rs.9000 per month. Nandish’ s responsibilities include check-in and check-out of hotel guests as well as billing and handling all the activities of the reception. Trained to use the computer and carry out all these tasks, he is happy that the job suits his abilities.
 “They are very happy with Nandish, his attendance has been regular, and he is always on time. His performance is as good as the other employees. And the management on further satisfaction of his work will revise him to high salary”, said Rajasekaran from LCPNP who is in regular touch with his manager as a followup for workplace support.
The Inclusion-100 project has given many like Nandish a chance to prove themselves – all it takes is a little support. The Inclusion-100 project continues to help break these barriers by constantly reaching out to companies, big and small, in rural and urban areas alike, to raise awareness about creating inclusive workspaces. Nandish is now an ambassador for the cause, sure to set an example and encourage others to employ more people like him.