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Home Resources Success Stories Pooja Singh, an Employee of BPO Company
Pooja Singh

Pooja Singh, an Employee of BPO Company

19-year-old Pooja Singh, who lives in New Delhi with her family, developed an orthopedic condition a few years ago following an illness. When she visited the Delhi Livelihoods Resource Centre (LRC) managed by EFICOR she had three goals in mind: to improve her confidence, to gain skills to help her secure employment, and to receive support to help her gain greater mobility.
Pooja Singh Date: 21/04/2015

Staff at the LRC assessed Pooja’s needs to gain insight into her personal and employment goals, after which she received training on communication skills, personal development and interview techniques. This helped to greatly build her confidence and gave her the capacity to perform well during job interviews. As a result, Pooja secured a job as a telecaller with a BPO company. Following her request for mobility support, the LRC also helped Pooja apply to the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, which provided her with a scooter worth INR 45,000 ($800). “Now I am independent and the training has made me be confident and face people. Without the LRC’s support, I would not have ever imagined getting a scooter. Interviews were a phobia of mine but after the counseling and interview training I was able to face them.”