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Home Resources Success Stories Purini Kumari has started her small successful business venture!

Purini Kumari has started her small successful business venture!

"I have become the role model and group leader for my other differently abled friends in my village."....says Purini Kumari 
Date: 30/01/2019
My name is Purini Kumari. I am 26 years old and unmarried. I live in Kothapatnam town of Prakasam district in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. My father is a daily wage labourer and my mother is a housewife. My brother is doing his graduation.
I have locomotor disability because of the polio fever I caught when I was 2.  I use crutches, an assistive device, to move around. However this did not prevent me from studying up to my 10th standard at Kothapatnam Zilla Parishad High School.
The government pays me a monthly disability pension of Rs.1500/- per month. But this is not sufficient. I did not like to depend on my parents for my needs so I decided to take up a job. The income would help me to meet my basic needs. I searched everywhere. It was tough. I could not get any job with my basic qualification.
One day LCDDP (Leonard Cheshire Disability Development Programme) conducted an awareness program in Kothapatnam. LCDDP team explained all about their activities at LRC (Livelihood Resource Centre). I felt so happy that I would be getting an opportunity to enhance my skills. I immediately registered my name with the LRC project.
A few days later LCDDP arranged a training program called ‘Ready to Succeed’ in Kothapatnam. They explained the 6 components to the training (Life Skills, IT Skills, Numeracy Skills, Employability Skills, Wage Employment Skills, Self-Employment Skills). The training was an excellent motivator. The classes gave me a deeper conviction and prepared me for my goal. LRC team counseled and guided me. They told me to choose the right path. During the induction we played exercises and games, and shared our experiences. All this made me think strongly on the need to be financially independent. I became happier as I was now very sure about my future. I strengthened myself to bear the hardships.
After the program, LCDDP together with RUDSETI (Rural Development and Self Employment Training Institute) conducted EDP (Entrepreneurship Development Program) on Food Processing. I participated in the programme with enthusiasm. I learnt to make different eatables like papads, pickles, masala powders, sweets etc. I picked up - small business ideas, how to approach the bank and apply for a bank loan, and how to promote and market my products.
After the training LCDDP gave me a self employment kit to start my own little business. I have invested some of my money too. I now prepare eatables and supply against local orders. My business is slowly increasing as I have earned a good name. My profits are around Rs.400/- per day. I have become the role model and group leader for my other differently abled friends in my village. My group members support me in all my endeavors.
Thank you LCDDP and EUIL (European Union India Livelihoods) project! Thank you for giving me this opportunity to prove myself and to reach my goal of self-reliance.
EUIL is working along with 5 project partners in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Delhi since January 2016. LCDDP is one of them. EUIL aims at providing employment and livelihood to 5000 people with disability and build its knowledge base on disability livelihood rights.