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Home Resources Success Stories Ramjan Ali, a Lab Technician in Bangladesh River Research Institute, Faridpur

Ramjan Ali, a Lab Technician in Bangladesh River Research Institute, Faridpur

"I was able to complete my post graduation in Mathematics as a wheelchair user. Would continue the same way for my job tasks too", says Ramjan
Date: 12/01/2016
30 year-old Ramjan Ali Mollah, son of Abdur Rahman and Suruja Begum of Madhabpur village in Faridput district is a person with locomotor disability due to polio. He is a wheelchair user assisted by it for mobility.
Ramjan Ali says, “I completed my masters yet I was unable to get a job. I attended interview after interview. I did well in my written tests and in my viva. But employers did not want to recruit me. This must be because of my disability. I was disillusioned. I felt that my education was useless. How was I going to earn a living?”
In January 2015 I came in touch with CSID (Centre for Services and Information on Disability). CSID informed me about their LRC (Livelihood Resource centre) which provides persons with disabilities like me an opportunity to get trained, counselled and placed with employers - sensitive to our needs. CSID is supported by Leonard Cheshire Disability and Accenture Foundation in this ‘Access to Livelihood’ project. I could not believe there were organisations like this in the world which cared for persons with disabilities.
Ramjan Ali says, “I was not sure whether CSID-LRC, Dhaka could help me. I am very fond of computers and wanted to take computer training as a subject. It was so important for me to be independent. I returned home with little hope.”
LRC staff was in constant touch with me on phone and through their volunteers. After my need assessment, LRC staff proposed computer training for me. I was so thrilled. They arranged computer training for me at BCC Faridpur Centre in my home town. After the 2 month training, they encouraged me to take counselling and their foundation training. These trainings filled me with hope and confidence.
Then I registered on their LRC Job Portal, Jobability. My CV was circulated among various companies. At this time I read the government circular advertising jobs for Bangladesh River Research Institute in the newspaper. They wanted a laboratory Technician (Grade A). I met the LRC staff and requested them to help me prepare my CV and submit the necessary documents and the government circular promising 10% job quota for persons with disabilities.

The institute invited me for the written test which I passed. LRC staff prepared me for the interview and taught me how to answer different types of questions. At the interview a member of the interview board asked me how I would be able to perform my tasks on a wheel chair. I replied that I would perform the tasks just the way I completed my M.Sc in Mathematics on a wheel chair! The board was happy with my answer. I was appointed to the post of Lab Technician (Grade A). Once I got confirmed I requested the Institute authorities to build a ramp which would help me access my office room easily without any assistance. The authorities obliged.
Ramjan smiles and says, “Today I am self dependent. I lead a life of dignity and respect. The Bangladesh River Research Institute is very happy with my work. I work really hard. LRC now advises me to save a portion of my earnings. They keep my confidence level high to ensure my job and future. I am happy to follow their advice. Thank you CSID-LRC for everything!”
LRC team pleased with Ramjan Ali’s progress say, “Confidence and determination are so important if people with disabilities want to achieve success!”