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Home Resources Success Stories Raziya Nasib working as an Associate Housekeeping in Lemon Tree Hotels!

Raziya Nasib working as an Associate Housekeeping in Lemon Tree Hotels!

"CHIDU-LRC team boosted my spirits and re-built my confidence. They gave me their wholehearted support".....says Raziya Nasib 
Date: 04/02/2019
Raziya Nasib is from Delhi, the national capital of India. She says, “It was my good luck that I came in touch with EUIL project (European Union India Livelihoods).  I met the Livelihood Resource Centre (LRC) team of CHIDU (Cheshire Homes India, Delhi Unit). And my life changed completely!  CHIDU-LRC provided me with the right counseling. They suggested a relevant training from NIIT (National Institute of Information Technology) - suited to my abilities and my needs. Soon after my training I was selected for employment with Lemon Tree Group!
Sharing her joy, Raziya says, “It was the happiest moment of my life. I love the work in Lemon Tree Hotel. And I am comfortable. Thank you CHIDU-LRC team!  You understand the difficulties of people with disabilities. You provide them with the right guidance and solutions. Now I want to motivate others like me.”
Raziya works at the Sandal Suites of Lemon Tree Hotel in Noida. She says, “I receive a handsome salary of Rs.10000/- per month. I have been provided with good accommodation too. Thank you EUIL project team for your support to me and for bringing positivity into my life!”
25-year-old Raziya comes from a warm and loving family of sisters and brother. She shares, “I completed my graduation from Delhi University. I qualified with a degree in DIET (District Institute of Education and Training). I cleared my DIET in the very first attempt.  I was determined to get a government job but I was not successful. I struggled for many years.  My physical disability would come in the way every time!”
Raziya shares with sadness, “The demise of my brother left me totally dejected. It was also the turning point in my life. I came in contact with EU-India Livelihood (EUIL) project team during their base line survey. The team infused me with enthusiasm. They encouraged me to try for jobs in the government as well as private sector!”
An enthusiastic Raziya says, “I underwent the Basic IT and Job Readiness Training from NIIT Foundation. To my delight I bagged the Best Student Award for the training course.”
Raziya continues, “CHIDU-LRC team gave me many opportunities. They sent me for interviews to Spice Jet, DLF, Bajaj, but again and again I was rejected because of my physical disability. Employers considered me ineligible. I was losing my motivation. But the team boosted my spirits and re-built my confidence. They gave me their wholehearted support. Finally I had my interview with Lemon Tree Hotel!  I could not believe my eyes when I was selected for the post of Associate Housekeeping!”
Raziya replies, “It has been a long journey for me. But it was worth it when my efforts were crowned with success! Today my professional career is in great shape. Now I want to mentor other people with disabilities!”
EUIL (European Union India Livelihoods) project was started in January 2016. The aim of the project during its 3-year period is to provide livelihood and employment to 5000 people with disability. It is also developing its knowledge base on the rights to employment and livelihood of people with disability.
This project is being implemented in Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu with the help of 5 project partners, one of whom is CHIDU (Cheshire Homes India, Delhi Unit).