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Refat, a Graphic Designer now in Creative IT

Today I work as a Graphic Designer at Creative IT! - Says a smiling Refat Kaysir of Dhaka 
Date: 15/10/2015
Refat Kaysir (30) was born in Uttara in Dhaka district (Bangladesh) with a speech and hearing impairment. His parents were too poor to provide him with the necessary treatment. Even though he was the only son of his parents, he was neglected. He did not receive much love and care from them.
“I faced many difficulties while growing up,” says Refat. “I went to school along with my cousin. Often my fellow classmates made fun of me and my disability. This added to my frustration. Despite the negative atmosphere, I managed to complete my H.S.C. (Higher Secondary School).”
In 2014, Livelihoods Resource Centre (LRC) staff of CSID (Centre for Services and Information on Disability), Dhaka visited me. They invited me to their LRC office in Dhanmondi. One day I took the courage to visit them. They were happy to see me and explained all their activities at the office. They assessed my need and the quality of my abilities. I told them that I came from a very poor family and that my father was the only breadwinner.
LRC was quick to notice my interest in computers. They realised I wanted to build my career in software. They arranged for a basic computer training for me at their LRC office. Then they provided me with counselling, foundation training, and personality development courses. All this support helped me to regain my confidence. LRC helped me enrol for a training in graphic designing at Creative IT Limited. They encouraged me to complete the training which could assure me a job at Creative IT. Enthusiastically, I joined the course. LRC staff kept in regular touch with me. They followed up on my training and offered some useful suggestions.
Leonard Cheshire Disability (LCD), with financial support from Accenture, started a project called 'Access to Livelihoods’ by establishing Livelihoods Resource Centres (LRCs) in various locations, with the ambitious goal of increasing the economic participation of people with disabilities around the world. LRCs (Livelihood Resource Centres) are the nerve centres through which Leonard Cheshire Disability functions. LRCs not only provide training and counseling, but they also help the disabled to find employment opportunities of their choice.
Refat continues “When I completed my course, the management of Creative IT invited me for a formal interview and practical test. LRC staff prepared me for the interview and helped me revise my CV. Can you imagine my joy when I was selected for a month’s internship as Graphics Designer!  On successful completion of my internship, I was offered a full time job as a Graphics designer on a salary of BDT 8500, which I happily accepted.
Today I lead an enjoyable life. My employer is very happy to see me working so hard. They decided to increase my salary from December 2015. LRC is always there for me even now. They advise me to save a small amount of my earnings every month for a better future. I know this is in my best interest. Today my family and my society treat me with respect”.
Refat gratefully shares, “Now I know that Hearing and Speech impaired people can also work in mainstream business sectors. We too can be useful members of society!”