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Home Media Events RRD invites Candidate with Disabilities for the Udaya Training Program

RRD invites Candidate with Disabilities for the Udaya Training Program

Date: 14/05/2019

RRD invites nominations for Udaya, a holistic training program designed to boost career prospects for the orthopedically challenged.

Udaya is a development initiative conceptualised to improve employability of candidates. The program provides basic training in English language communication and computer skills. Corporate exposure in the form of on-the-job-traing with an operations team at RRD will give candidates first hand experience of work floor scenarious and opportunity to work as a team.

To be eligible for the program, orthopedically challenged candidates need to:

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  • Have completed a minimum of 10, +2 from an English medium background
  • Be familiar with MS Office suite and possess good typing speed
  • Be willing to invest four months in full time training
  • Clear a screening test

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