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Sonali, a tele-caller at Venus Associates, Kolkata

"I am self-dependent today. I deposit my salary in my bank account every month. I proudly watch my savings grow..", says Sonali
Date: 26/04/2017
“I am doing my graduation!  I am keen on joining a telephone calling centre. But I did not have the confidence. So in February 2017 I registered my name with LRC (Livelihood Resource Centre) at Serampore.” says Sonali, a person with visual impairment.

Sonali Maji is 19 years old. daughter of Gunamoy Maji, a factory labourer. Sonali lives with her elder sister and her family in Kolkata, West Bengal, after the death of her mother.

Sonali says, “After my registration, LRC staff assessed my skills and abilities. I also went through several sessions of counseling. LRC provided me with vocational guidance. LRC’s Foundation Training equipped me to face the future bravely. Their trainings and counseling sessions motivated me and filled me with confidence. I am very grateful to LRC for preparing me for job interviews. I cleared my interview with Venus Associates at Esplanade, Kolkota, very easily. I owe my success to the coaching given by LRC staff!”

Sonali continues, “Today I am working for Venus Associates as a Tele-caller. The past few months have been very happy ones. I love my job.  The long distance and my travel time from home to office have not deterred me. The work environment is pleasing. My colleagues are helpful and supportive. I am punctual and sincere at work too. My Human Relations Manager, Archan Chatterjee, tells everyone that I work very hard. I know he is pleased with my performance.”

“I am self-dependent today. I deposit my salary in my bank account every month. I proudly watch my savings grow. I give credit to LRC for my placement with Venus Associates. Thank-you LRC!  I am independent because of you.  LRC’s trainings and placement services are immensely helpful and popular not only with me but with all persons with disability. This is a great service you are doing!” says Sonali gratefully.

LRCs provide people with disabilities all the necessary support to gain a foothold into mainstream industries. LRCs are the wheels on which the ‘Access to Livelihood’ program runs. The A2L as it is called is the brain child of Leonard Cheshire, an international organization that works with disabled communities all over the world. Today LRCs have spread across India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines and in South Africa.

Leonard Cheshire together with Accenture Foundation ensures people with disabilities can lead an enriched life on their own terms. Leonard Cheshire is endeavoring to create a more inclusive society by fostering awareness, tolerance, empathy, understanding and acceptance through its programs.