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Home Resources Success Stories Story of a migrant family with a person with disability benefitted from apprenticeship during the COVID-19 crisis, in Delhi

Story of a migrant family with a person with disability benefitted from apprenticeship during the COVID-19 crisis, in Delhi

I am blessed and privileged that at the right time (during COVID crisis) I got this apprenticeship opportunity with help of EFICOR. Migrants are forced to leave Delhi due to unemployment, but because of Inclusion -100 project I am working from home and getting regular stipend which is a big support in such a difficult time

Date: 22/09/2020
Introduction to Inclusion-100 project- Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office, Govt. of UK is supporting Leonard Cheshire and its partners to help persons with disabilities gain skill and employment through apprenticeship opportunities. The project is implemented from 2nd December 2019 to 30th April 2020, in six states of India. Two partners implement project activities in the field – Leonard Cheshire Project Nagapattinam (LCPNP) in Telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat; and The Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission on Relief (EFICOR) in Delhi and Haryana.

Here we are presenting a case story of a migrant family with a person with a disability (Rakesh Kumar) benefitted through apprenticeship during the COVID-19 lockdown and the unprecedented unemployment crisis.

Brief background of Rakesh Kumar– Rakesh Kumar S/o Mr Awadhesh Shah was born with 55% locomotor impairment in a Below Poverty Line (BPL) family in Bihar as the eldest son. Though his parents were disappointed that their firstborn was disabled, they trusted in his capabilities and educated him. He was reasonably good at studies and completed his 12th. He also has three young siblings, and all of them are school going. The income of the family depended on daily wages of parents. The family always confronted a shortage of food, clothes and other daily necessities due to lack of daily wage opportunities. As the eldest son, he wished to support the family financially but was unable to find a suitable job in Bihar.

Three years before in 2017, Rakesh and his father migrated to Delhi in search of work opportunities. They lived in a rented house at Nangloi, Delhi. Nangloi is a village-like area near Janakpuri in West Delhi. Rakesh’s father is illiterate and started to work as a labourer. Rakesh was also desperate to get a job but was getting rejected due to lack of relevant skills. Meanwhile, he joined for computer training to improve his skills. During this training, Rakesh came to know about the Inclusion -100 EFICOR project from co-learners.

Journey with Inclusion -100, EFICOR team - In February 2020, Rakesh visited EFICOR and got enrolled for livelihood support. The EFICOR team, after the registration and assessment, introduced him to the National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS) scheme and its scope, and he was ready to try for apprenticeship opportunities. He went through the Ready to Succeed training and received assistance to apply for an apprenticeship in a recruitment drive. During the apprenticeship drive, Reliance India was hiring Persons with Disabilities, and he got selected as an apprentice with a stipend of Rs. 13,500/- per month.

Shortly the COVID-19 lockdown struck, his father lost his work opportunity. As Rakesh became the only bread earner for his family, he was worried about not being able to continue the apprenticeship during the lockdown. He contacted the EFICOR team; the EFICOR team followed up to orient the employers on precautionary measures for COVID-19 response. The employers sanctioned three months of work from home (home-based apprenticeship) for Rakesh.

As of now, 13 Persons with disabilities are apprentices at Reliance India through the effort of the project.