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Home Resources Success Stories Subhash Sahu owns a mobile accessories and repair shop in Delhi

Subhash Sahu owns a mobile accessories and repair shop in Delhi

“I can’t change the direction of the wind but I can adjust my sails to reach my destination,” says Subhash Sahu
Date: 20/02/2019
Subhash is the eldest among 2 brothers and sisters. His family was poor. Their life was full of struggles. In addition Subhash is having Locomotor disability. His path to success was not easy.
Subhash’s father is an auto-driver. His mother works as a maid to supplement the basic needs of her poor family. Subhash received the complete support of his parents till he completed his 10th Standard. He gave up his studies after that because there were 4 younger siblings to be educated. He started searching for a decent livelihood to support his family and help educate his younger siblings.
It was at this time that a development worker from LRC (Livelihood Resource Centre) contacted him and explained to him about Cheshire Homes India (Delhi Unit) and its Livelihoods Project financed by EU (European Union).
LRC-Cheshire Home India-Delhi Unit (CHIDU) is one of the 5 implementing partners of the Livelihood project of Leonard Cheshire Disability. This 3-year project started in January 2016. Its main objective is to provide ‘Equitable Access to Employment and Livelihood’ for 5000 persons with disability in India. This EUIL (European Union India Livelihood) project is being implemented in Delhi, Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu. It also endeavors to increase its knowledge and understanding on the rights to employment and livelihood of people with disabilities.
Subhash Sahu was very positive when he visited LRC’s Delhi office. When LRC staff assessed his skills and abilities, they discovered that he had lots of practical knowledge and experience in mobile repair work and selling of mobile phone accessories from home. With this in mind, the team explained to him the kind of opportunities that were available for him. They counseled him. They motivated him to start his own little mobile store.
After the intervention of EU-LRC, Subhash says, “I opened my own mobile accessories and repair shop. EU LRC provided me with a mobile repair kit that would help me to establish and increase my income from business. Today I am happy working in my own mobile shop. I earn around Rs.7000 per month. I am able to provide my family with a good quality of life. Thank you LRC-CHIDU-EUIL!  I have achieved so much because of you.”