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I am blessed and privileged that at the right time (during COVID crisis) I got this apprenticeship opportunity with help of EFICOR. Migrants are forced to leave Delhi due to unemployment, but because of Inclusion -100 project I am working from home and getting regular stipend which is a big support in such a difficult time

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“I am glad to get good job in such big company, because being a single mother now I can be more self-independent and can fulfill all needs of my family”-Fatima Khatun (beneficiary of LRC). Read More

It’s my grandson’s future and he is recognised, a chance to show himself that he is also capable", says Kartikeyan's Grandmother

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“I was idle and shy , and speak less. I seldom speak with people even now. I was introduced to LCPNP through VRC Pondicherry. I received the artificial jewel making training. Through this I was able to meet other people and come out of shyness a bit.
says salpana Devi

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Thank you LRC Bangalore for connecting me to a suitable company based on my abilities. I feel so confident and happy today!” says Sowbhagya Read More
I never dreamt that my son would be earning more than me one day!”, says Dinesh Kumar's Father Read More
 “See the person, not the disability!” ....says Ridhima Kanwal Read More
"I always say to all my colleagues and friends with disability – Disability is not an obstacle to success in life!".....says Umamaheshwari Read More
"My shop runs better because of my trainings and new knowledge. Today I am able to support my family comfortably. Thank you CCH and EUIL-LRC." says Thangammal K Read More
“I can’t change the direction of the wind but I can adjust my sails to reach my destination,” says Subhash Sahu Read More
"I feel disability is never a hindrance. We can lead a productive life if we get a supporting environment to boost our confidence."...says Shaik Valiyabi  Read More
"As a result of the EUIL project I am able to earn a livelihood today and look after my sister’s children. I am confident and self-assured. I am grateful to EUIL, LCDDP LRC for all their support."...says Shaik Muntaz Read More
“My success shows that people with disability can enter business and also shine in a world dominated by non-disabled people,” says Sanjay. Read More
“Today I earn enough to provide for my family. This makes me very happy. "....says Sagun Kishor Read More
"CHIDU-LRC team boosted my spirits and re-built my confidence. They gave me their wholehearted support".....says Raziya Nasib  Read More
"I have become the role model and group leader for my other differently abled friends in my village."....says Purini Kumari  Read More
"Today I am a successful man. I earn a better income. I am able to support myself and my family comfortably - thanks to CCH and EUIL-LRC." ...says PremKumar T Read More
"My disability opened my eyes to my own true abilities!”....says Poonam Read More
"I say – just remove ‘dis’ from disabled. I am as able as anybody else". Says Nandini  Read More
I am happy to be in my dream job. Today I am confident. I am independent. And I feel secure.", says Mohd Yaseen Read More
"I enjoy the benefits of Provident Fund and ESI (Employee State Insurance) which gives me access to medical care. My income helps me to support my family.", says Bakialakshmi Read More
I am ready to shoulder my family responsibilities and play a responsible role in my family and in my society,” says Ali Mohammad Read More
LCDDP have helped me to stand on my own feet and earn my own living!", says Rajya Lakshmi Read More
"Happy that I am able to support my father now in Family", says Basheer Ahmed Read More
Self-confidence and a belief in my abilities by others are key to success", says Sujatha Read More
I am going to be a role model for other people with disabilities. I am going to prove to mainstream companies that people with disabilities are equal to other employees!", says Nirmala Read More
I was able to buy modern and more accurate weighing machines which are so important in the gold business work. Today I run a successful business", says Baskar Read More
I will be taking care of my mother. It is payback time now! Now there will be a role reversal” says Kamakshi happily Read More
I believe it is the timely training and the job assistance given by CHIBU-LRC which is responsible for my success today." says Nanjundaswamy Read More
It was the timely IT training in CHIBU-LRC and their job assistance service which not only boosted my confidence but also helped me to get a job!” says Raveena Read More
I look at life positively now. I feel motivated to do something for myself and my family.", says Bhawna Anand Read More
Today I am successful. My efforts are showing results. I earn more income than before.", says Hema Read More
I am very happy at present because I can earn and supplement my family’s income. Besides I am doing a job which interests me most.”, says Ismail Read More
If you are not willing to fail, you are not ready to succeed!”, says Karan Read More
My disability has opened my eyes to see my true ABILITY. I am very happy and thankful to EUIL Project  Team for the support", says Raziya Read More
"I am self-dependent today. I deposit my salary in my bank account every month. I proudly watch my savings grow..", says Sonali Read More
Thanks Livelihoods Resource Centre, Bangalore to get into my dream job in Accenture!” says Gangamma Read More
I am grateful to Livelihood Resource Centre for all that they have done for me!” says Karthikeyan Read More
I am self dependent now. I have opened a bank account where I save my salary", says Ashish Dutta Read More
I feel motivated to do things for myself and my family now! Thank you EFICOR!", says Sachin Kumar   Read More
I feel so confident and self-assured now. Thank you CHI-BU Team for your great support!” says  Aditya Read More
My family and the people of my community give me a lot of respect because I have become more responsible now.", says Mahalingam Read More
I liked the nature of the job. It was machinery work and it was easy for me to handle. Now I am happily working.", says Yuvaraj Read More
A ray of light has fallen on me! Thanks to CHI-BU!. They connected me to the right company on the basis of my abilities and experience', says Asif Read More
It was the best day of my life! I feel so confident and happy now. Thank you CHI-BU!, says Lakshmana Read More
This is my first job. I am happy to work for such a disabled friendly company like this!, says Santosh Kumar Read More
From beggary to tailoring - I am back on my feet again!” says Kumar  Read More
I am a happy man today. I love my work. My colleagues are so friendly and supportive.", says Bipul Read More
My training in soft skills at LRC gave a new life, the new job. The new environment has made me independent", says Tanu Jain Read More
LRCs gave the much needed boost to my career and confidence!” says Annappa Read More
Today I am not only capable of supporting my family but I am able to spend money on myself!” says Selvaraj Read More
LRC Coimbatore changed my life for the better. I am able to support my family with ease!”, says Amsaveni Read More
Today I am self-dependent and have opened a bank account to save a part of my salary for my future needs', says Bijay Read More
'Access to Livelihood program is bringing about changes in the lives of so many people with disabilities like me', says Tahila Read More
I have a satisfying job because of them. I am a happy and confident man. Thanks to CHI-BU I am well placed in life.' says Nandakumar Read More
Being a Wheel chair user did not stop me from achieving my dreams', says Kallappa Read More
Today I am a very confident and happy person. I did not let my disability come in the way", says Pushpa Read More
Jayarurya is working and earning. Never imagined this would happen", says Devaraj, Father Read More
I am physically challenged. But I feel disability is not a handicap. It is just our bad attitude and our perceptions", says Vishnu Dev Kumar Read More
Success is the result of hard work and commitment", says Prasad Sanjeewa Read More

I was filled with happiness on hearing that recruited by Accenture as an Associate Software Engineer. My talent had been recognized.”, says Dinakar G

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LRC Bangalore helped me to build my confidence levels through unique techniques. I am now a Software Engineer at US Technology", Says Dadapeer Read More
"I was able to complete my post graduation in Mathematics as a wheelchair user. Would continue the same way for my job tasks too", says Ramjan Read More
What was impossible became possible because of LRC getting a job in Lemon Tree Hotel for me", Says Anjali Read More
CSR Executive with ASSOCHAM (The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India)”, says Chandershekar Read More
I was determined and learnt to improve my abilities and saw tremendous change in life. My fears were dispelled and confidence rose” says Arpita Read More
Today I work as a Graphic Designer at Creative IT! - Says a smiling Refat Kaysir of Dhaka  Read More
“Thank you LRC Serampore – I am self dependent because of you!” says a grateful Kashnahar Khatun (25) Read More
Today I am working at Reliance Digital as a cashier. Thanks to EFICOR LRC!” says Surjeet. Read More
“I am the first deaf person to get a job with Shangri-La Hotel in Bengaluru,” says Shilpa, a vibrant and fresh out-of-college youngster Read More
Be positive and be grateful of what you’ve become. Do not miss any opportunity as it only knocks once! says Dianne Mallari, a disability advocate, music brand team member and an officer at ANZ. Read More
Udhayakumar has a steady job today all because of Coimbatore LRC Read More
The foundation training provided at Bangalore LRC helped me become well placed in life today. says Fathima Begum, now an Employee of EMC Read More
“I am very happy with the work environment. I am satisfied with my salary package. I do not have to depend on others now.  I am not only able to look after my own needs I can support my family as well.”                      Read More
Despite being a good artist, Kishore, a 25 year old young man with hearing impairment was not able to get a job. However with the support of Bangalore LRC, he got his dream job by posting his requirements on the ‘jobability‘ portal.

Kishore stays with his parents and younger sister in Bangalore. After completing his II PUC with specialisation in painting, photography, pencil sketching and applied designs etc, Kishore also completed his Bachelor degree in Fine Arts. Being a great painter, Kishore got 15 awards for painting to his credit. Read More
19-year-old Pooja Singh, who lives in New Delhi with her family, developed an orthopedic condition a few years ago following an illness. When she visited the Delhi Livelihoods Resource Centre (LRC) managed by EFICOR she had three goals in mind: to improve her confidence, to gain skills to help her secure employment, and to receive support to help her gain greater mobility. Read More
Foundation training at LRC enhanced my skills and got me a placement as Accountant. I would recommend LRC to all", Says Tinku Read More
"Funding support from LRC Sialkot helped me enhance the services of my Tuition Centre and confidence in me", says Zahoor Zahra Read More
Is it possible for a village girl from Athigiri to get a job in the big city of Bengaluru? Yes", says Kavitha Read More
I am happy about my achievements in life. I work for the betterment of other persons with disabilities and passionate about my work." - says Amit Read More
I am a Business Analyst in Northern Trust earning Rs. 19,000 per month!” says Shanthamma with pride and happiness
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LRC trainings and guidance have equipped me to deal with life. Thank you LRC (Livelihood Resource Centre), Coimbatore!” says a grateful Sumathi of Podanur Read More
“I am enjoying life now because I am self-dependent,” says a happy and relieved, 30-year-old Md. Nurul Islam who is physically disabled.

“I can pay for the education of my two sons. The income from my grocery shop grows day by day. Thanks to Livelihoods Resource Centre (LRC) managed by Centre for Services and Information on Disability (CSID- Bangladesh), I am able to earn a livelihood respectfully today!” Read More
The carpentry tool kit for self-employment support provided by the Livelihoods Resource Centre helped me set up my own business! Read More