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Surjeet from Delhi, a Cashier in famous Digital Retail Chain Outlet

Today I am working at Reliance Digital as a cashier. Thanks to EFICOR LRC!” says Surjeet.
Date: 28/09/2015
“I live in KhajooriKhas, Delhi with my two siblings and parents. My father, Dheer Singh is a daily wage labourer and my mother, Sushma is a housewife,” says Surjeet (22). Earlier we lived in our village in UP. Life was miserable. We were facing starvation and living in unhygienic conditions. I was five when I caught a viral fever. Even though I was admitted into hospital, the polio fever affected my right leg.
In school I faced a lot of difficulties right from the lack of transportation to the lukewarm responses from my school teachers and class mates. I became irregular to school as a result. My school teachers would not listen to my problems. Their attitude filled me with hopelessness. My class mates made fun of me. I struggled. Finally I dropped out of school.
Despite all the odds, I received the full support of my family. In 2002, we moved to Delhi where I got admitted into one of the private schools. I struggled here too but conditions in school were bearable. I completed Class 12 and enrolled for a correspondence course in BA. When I was in my final year I heard about EFICOR (The Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission on Relief) - a Livelihood Resource Centre (LRC) in Delhi for people with disabilities. LRCs have opened in 11 cities and towns of India. They are supported by Leonard Cheshire Disability and Accenture.
What did LRC do for me you may ask. Through LRC I learnt about various job openings and trainings available for me. They gave me career counseling first. Then I enrolled into trainings for communication and personality development in LRC. They trained me in soft skills and prepared me to face interviews. I took training in English communication at their headoffice. All this increased my confidence and positivity.
“Till I took the counseling and training at LRC I used to feel lonely and hopeless. Facing an interview was a phobia with me. Today I am a changed person. I am happily working for Reliance Digital. I am satisfied with my job and salary package. I am independent too. I do not rely on others for my basic needs and requirements. I can go out and face anyone or any situation,” says a confident and self-assured Surjeet proudly.
The staff at LRC are pleased with Surjeet’s progress. They say, “Surjeet is a passionate and hardworking young man. He has an ability to learn and take things in a positive manner. He is very career-oriented and never says no to any kind of hard work. We are sure he will do well in life and be an example to others."