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Home Resources Success Stories Tahila Kashif, a Data Entry Officer with Nadra, Islamabad

Tahila Kashif, a Data Entry Officer with Nadra, Islamabad

'Access to Livelihood program is bringing about changes in the lives of so many people with disabilities like me', says Tahila
Date: 01/09/2016
Tahila Kashif, 21 years is from Islamabad with speech and hearing impairments from birth. Her family comprises of her 2 sisters and herself. She completed her intermediate education under the Federal Board and graduated from the University of Karachi. She has faced many hurdles in life, not only during her education but also when applying for jobs. Employers were reluctant to employ her due to her disability. She  registered herself to ‘Access to Livelihood’ program in 2015 at Leonard Cheshire Disability’s Livelihood Resource Centre (LRC) set up by LCDDP (Leonard Cheshire Disability & Development Program) which is actively engaged in preparing disabled people for employment. LRC does a detailed assessment of every individual, helping them to identify their skills, abilities, and training needs. LRC counsels them, guides them, and prepares them for employment in mainstream industries.  
Through LRC, Islamabad, Tahila received training in computer data entry and finance, in May 2016. Tahila also equipped herself on an Advance Excel program for 15 days conducted by Maketech, a training organization. All these trainings enhanced her employability.
“LCDDP’s capacity building training increased my confidence levels,” says Tahila with a smile. “It improved my skills and helped me get a job!”
LCDDP helped Tahila to upload her Curriculum Vitae on  - LRCs employment gateway for people with disabilities. Tahila was surprised when she started receiving alerts by email, SMS, and Facebook, informing her of the variety of trainings and jobs available for her.  LCDDP helped her to attend a Job Fair on June 2, 2016, which they had organized in collaboration with Sightsavers and FPCCI (Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry).  Here she got an opportunity to meet prospective employers from different professional streams.
“With the support of LCDDP I got a data entry job at NADRA. I am independent now. I am able to support myself and my family,” says a satisfied Tahila.
The LRC team says, “Tahila is a determined young girl. She has a passion for learning new things. She has risen to the position of government officer because of her hard work. We will continue to provide her with more training and open more employment opportunities for her.”
Tahila’s family proudly says, “She is responsible and she contributes towards family expenses.”
Tahila dreams of continuing her education. She is keen to share her experiences with other people with disability and use her skills for them.
Leonard Cheshire Disability’s ‘Access to Livelihood’ program is creating waves and breaking barriers in the world. LCD is doing path-breaking work in the countries of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Srilanka and in South Africa, with the support of Accenture Foundation.