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Tanu Jain, an Administrative Executive at SRF Ltd., Gurgaon

My training in soft skills at LRC gave a new life, the new job. The new environment has made me independent", says Tanu Jain
Date: 07/10/2016
Tanu Jain (28), a person with orthopedic impairments lives with her parents and siblings in East Punjabi Bagh. She has done her schooling from Airforce School, Daulakuhan, in Delhi. She is a B.Tech from MDU University, Rohtak and an M.Tech from I.P.University, Dwarka, Delhi.  She belongs to an upper middle class family.

She relates, “I was 22 when I had brain hemorrhage while at home. I had just completed my B.Tech.  The brain surgery left half my body paralyzed. I lost my thinking ability from time to time. To overcome my paralysis I was given physiotherapy. My father, a retired physiotherapist, helped me with my exercises at home. Being young I recovered quickly. My legs move properly now. I do still have a little problem with my hand. But I was determined to recover. My disability did not affect my ability to lead a sustainable life. I believed in pushing myself because no one else is going to do it for me!”

“One of my friends told me about EFICOR (Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission on Relief).  I visited their Livelihood Resource Centre (LRC) where they registered my name and assessed my skills. I lacked good English speaking skills so they arranged a course on spoken English for me. Here I learnt - how to enter an interview room, how to conduct myself, how to talk and answer questions.  LRC then sent me for interviews to companies like WNS, Datasys, V R Solutions, IBM and SRF Ltd, at Gurgaon.  At SRF I was selected as an Administrative Executive. I was so relieved to finally have a job!” says Tanu.

Tanu acknowledges happily, “My life transformed after I did my training in soft skills at LRC. It was invaluable. Now I earn a salary of Rs.19000/- per month. The new life, the new job with the new environment has made me independent!”

EFICOR LRC, Delhi, is proud of Tanu’s achievement. “She is intelligent. She works very hard and has an immense desire to learn,” the team says.

“It is so difficult to get a job if you are a person with disabilities. If it hadn’t been for EFICOR’s encouragement and trainings, I would have been working in a small call centre on a meager salary of 5000 Rs or sitting at home appearing for job interviews. Thank you EFICOR for building my skills, my confidence and exposing me to big employers like SRF Ltd,” says Tanu Jain gratefully.
EFICOR LRC is part of the Leonard Cheshire Disability network - building skills among the disabled under the ‘Access to Livelihood’ program. This worthy program is financially supported by Accenture Foundation and is running successfully in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and in South Africa!