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Udhayakumar, an Employee of ICC now

Udhayakumar has a steady job today all because of Coimbatore LRC
Date: 23/07/2015
Udhakumar narrated his success story as below:
“I live in Arivozhinagar village which is 30 km away from Coimbatore town,” says 35-year-old Udhayakumar. “I am married and have been blessed with 2 lovely children, Mahalakshmi (8) and Sanjay (5), who are studying in Classes 3 and 1. My wife is 33 years old and is a housewife.
My left leg has been affected by polio. This has made it difficult for me to get a suitable job. I initially worked in a moulding company in my village for five years. But then I started experiencing pain in my shoulders. Soon I found it difficult to lift any weights. My doctor advised me to give up my weight lifting job as it was affecting my health. So I left my job at the company. I was finding it difficult to meet the daily needs of my family. It was not easy for me to locate another job as I had only studied up to 7th standard.

One day while reading through the pamphlets distributed by Coimbatore LRC managed by Cheshire Homes India, Coimbatore at their mobilization camps, I learnt about their work with disabled people. Anxiously, I contacted the LRC, Cheshire Homes, Coimbatore and explained my financial situation to him.
The LRC staff registered my profile and as a part of their assessment activity, they requested me to undergo their foundation training and personality development sessions. They counselled me on wage employment and its sustainability. They also made arrangements for my interview with Industrial Component Company (ICC) in Coimbatore.
To my great joy and relief, I was selected as an engineering assistant. Today I work as a machine operator at the ICC on a salary of Rs. 10,000 per month. My previous experience, the foundation training, the counselling and personality sessions I underwent at LRC helped me to get the job!  Now I work on a machine - drilling, cleaning, measuring, and checking the cooling fans used in water motors.
Today, I am happy man. Earlier my job was not steady. I would work for only 15 days a month. Coimbatore LRC believed in me and my talents! They supported me in getting a regular job where I could perform well despite my disability. My fellow workers are also very cooperative because the LRC conducted a workshop to sensitize the workers in this company on people with disability, about the issues they face in life, and the problems they experience at work. Thank you LRC, Cheshire Homes, Coimbatore, and ICC for giving me this great opportunity, and for believing in me.”