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Locomotor Impairments, Visual Impairments (Total Vision Loss), Hearing Impairments (Hard Of Hearing), Intellectual Disabilities, Learning Disabilities, Visual Impairments (Low Vision), Hearing And Speach Impairments, Speech Impairments, Developmental Disabilities
Accessibility Audit, Accessible Infrastructure Setup, Assistive Aids Evaluation / Assessment / Consulting, Assistive Aids Installation / Implementation / Training, Assistive Aids Maintenance And Support, Assistive Aids Manufacturing / Sales, Awareness Campaigns/Advocacy, Business Development Training, Career Guidance And Placement, Development Organisation, Disability Research / Survey, Education Support/ Scholarships, Funds / Financing, Government, Health Care And Medical Rehabilitation Services, Insurance Scheme Services, Legal Support Services, Lifeskill Training, Livelihood Counselling And Support Services, Micro Finance, Placements, Rehabiliation / Therapy Services, Self Employment, Therapy Specialist, Training, Vocational Training, Welfare Scheme Facilitation Services
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