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Health/Rehabilitation/Therapy Services, Legal Support/Advocacy, NGO, Training Institutions
Locomotor Impairments, Developmental Disabilities
Accessibility Audit, Accessible Infrastructure Setup, Assistive Aids Evaluation / Assessment / Consulting, Assistive Aids Installation / Implementation / Training, Assistive Aids Maintenance And Support, Assistive Aids Manufacturing / Sales, Awareness Campaigns/Advocacy, Business Development Training, Career Guidance And Placement, Development Organisation, Disability Research / Survey, Education Support/ Scholarships, Funds / Financing, Government, Health Care And Medical Rehabilitation Services, Insurance Scheme Services, Legal Support Services, Lifeskill Training, Livelihood Counselling And Support Services, Micro Finance, Placements, Rehabiliation / Therapy Services, Self Employment, Therapy Specialist, Training, Vocational Training, Welfare Scheme Facilitation Services
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